Laura Fink Wikipedia, Wiki, Rebelle Communication, Sapcex, Twitter, Facebook

Laura Fink Wikipedia, Wiki, Rebelle Communication, Sapcex, Twitter, Facebook

Laura Fink Wikipedia, Wiki, Rebelle Communication, Sapcex, Twitter, Facebook -: When it comes to influential women making their mark in the world, Laura Fink’s name shines brightly. Her remarkable journey from a humble beginning to becoming the Founder and CEO of Rebelle Communications is both inspiring and noteworthy. In this article, we will delve into Laura Fink’s life, career, and achievements, while also shedding light on her involvement with Sapcex, Twitter, and Facebook.

Laura Fink Wikipedia, Wiki, Rebelle Communication, Sapcex, Twitter, Facebook
Laura Fink Wikipedia, Wiki, Rebelle Communication, Sapcex, Twitter, Facebook

Laura Fink Bio

Full NameLaura Fink
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 1977
Age (as of 2023)46 Years
BirthplaceCalifornia, U.S.
ProfessionPolitical Analyst
Sun SignAquarius
Laura Fink Bio

Who is Laura Fink?

Laura Fink is a well-known political analyst, communication expert, and entrepreneur. She gained recognition for her work as the Founder and CEO of Rebelle Communications, a company specializing in communication and public relations services. Laura Fink’s career has included roles as a political commentator and spokesperson, and she has been actively involved in various social and civic organizations. She has contributed to important discussions on issues such as harassment and has used her platform to address these concerns. Laura Fink’s background also includes education and involvement in a variety of fields, making her a prominent figure in the world of communication and politics.

Who is Laura Fink?

Laura Fink Early Life and Education

Laura Fink, born on February 12, 1977, is the daughter of Bill Fink and Mary Ann Fink. She spent her childhood in El Carrito, a neighborhood in San Diego, California, alongside her brother, Enfuego Joe Fink, and sister, Hermanas Fink. Laura’s journey began with her primary education at Crawford High School, where she graduated in 1994. She then embarked on her college education, earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree from Wellesley College in 1998.

During her school and college days, Laura’s commitment to service shone through as she was actively involved in various volunteering activities. Her contributions extended to being a volleyball coach for the United States Volleyball League, co-founder of Run Women Run, Chair of the Board of Directors for Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Board of Directors for NGS Movements, and volunteering for the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

Height6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight62 kg (136 lbs)
Shoe Size8 (U.S.)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeSlim

Laura Fink Career

Laura’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. While she is best known as the CEO and founder of Rebelle Communications, her professional journey started as a regional lead for MicroStrategy from May 1999 to July 2000. She went on to serve as a deputy campaign manager/finance manager at the national congressional campaign and as a finance director for Arcuri for Congress.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Laura ventured into the role of president at Fink & Hernandez Consulting LLC. In recent years, she has become a prominent figure as a local and national news outlet for United States-based Political Analyst – TV and radio. Her expertise as a political analyst is well-recognized, and her commentary articles have been featured in prestigious newspapers and media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and The Huffington Post.

Laura’s influence isn’t limited to the written word; she has also actively participated as a presenter at professional organizations and civic groups, including guest lectures on college campuses. Her diverse career path is a testament to her versatility and commitment to making a difference in various fields.

SchoolCrawford High School
CollegeWellesley College
Laura Fink Bio

Laura Fink: The Athlete and Theater Performer

Beyond her professional career, Laura Fink is also an athlete and theater performer. Her passion for life and creative personality have driven her to explore various interests. Her journey has taken her through the worlds of education, games, politics, media, technology, and business. She has also served as a former speaker of the California State Assembly, highlighting her active involvement in politics.

Laura Fink Personal Life

As of now, Laura Fink is not married. She is dedicated to her work at Rebelle Communications, where she continues to make significant strides in the world of business and communication. Laura’s independent spirit has led her to explore various fields, including politics, media, athletics, social activities, education, and much more.

FatherBill Fink
MotherMary Ann Fink
SisterHermanas Fink
BrotherEnfuego Joe Fink

Laura Fink Stand Against Harassment

In a notable interview regarding the “Filner Harassment Scandal,” Laura Fink emerged as a key witness. She courageously spoke out about the harassment faced by another woman during a San Diego fundraising event in 2005, involving Mayor Bob Filner. Laura’s decision to come forward and speak out against harassment, even as she was building her political career, reflects her commitment to justice. She provided evidence in the form of an email in which the Mayor apologized for his behavior and assaults.

Laura Fink Net Worth

Laura Fink is a multi-talented personality who has excelled in various fields. While her exact net worth is not disclosed, it is evident that she has earned a significant income through her dynamic career. Her journey and achievements are well-described on the Rebelle website, showcasing her story and accomplishments.

Laura Fink on Social Media

To stay updated with Laura Fink’s latest insights, you can follow her on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Her online presence provides a glimpse into her thoughts and activities, as well as her continued efforts to bring about positive change in the world. Laura Fink’s journey is a testament to the potential that lies within each of us to make a meaningful impact in our chosen fields.

Laura Fink Social Media Accounts

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In conclusion, Laura Fink’s life and career are a testament to the power of dedication and versatility. From her early days of education to her leadership in the world of politics and communication, she has consistently made a positive impact. Her story is a source of inspiration for those aspiring to make a difference and leave their mark on the world. Laura’s commitment to justice, her dedication to her work, and her diverse set of talents make her a remarkable figure in the world of politics and communication.


What are Laura Fink’s notable achievements?

Laura Fink is recognized for her work as a political analyst and commentator, as well as her contributions to various social and civic organizations. She has also been involved in activism and addressing harassment issues.

What is Rebelle Communications, and what does it do?

Rebelle Communications is a company founded by Laura Fink. It specializes in communication and public relations services, helping businesses and organizations to effectively convey their messages and reach their target audiences.

What notable projects has Rebelle Communication been involved in?

Specific projects and clients of Rebelle Communication may vary over time. You can visit their official website or check recent news to find information on their current and past projects.

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