Lewiston Maine Ethnicity, Wiki, Active Shooter, Mass Shooting

Lewiston Maine Ethnicity, Wiki, Active Shooter, Mass Shooting

Lewiston Maine Ethnicity, Wiki, Active Shooter, Mass Shooting -: Lewiston, Maine is a city known for its vibrant community, but recently, it made headlines for a tragic event that shook its residents to their core. This article takes a closer look at the city’s ethnicity, the local community, and the unfortunate incident that unfolded in the heart of Lewiston.

Lewiston Maine Ethnicity, Wiki, Active Shooter, Mass Shooting
Lewiston Maine Ethnicity, Wiki, Active Shooter, Mass Shooting

Diverse and Proud: Lewiston’s Ethnicity

Lewiston is a city that prides itself on its diversity. Nestled in the heart of Maine, it is a melting pot of various cultures and backgrounds. With a population of around 38,000 people, it’s the second-largest city in Maine, and its residents come from all walks of life. This diverse makeup includes individuals from different ethnic backgrounds, and this diversity is one of Lewiston’s defining characteristics.

The city has a significant Somali population, with many refugees from Somalia choosing Lewiston as their new home. This diversity has enriched the city’s culture and brought a sense of unity among its residents. The city’s residents, irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds, share a sense of belonging, which makes Lewiston a unique and inclusive place to live.

The Tragic Event: An Active Shooter in Lewiston

However, on a fateful day, Lewiston found itself facing a crisis that no community should ever have to endure. An active shooter incident left the city in shock and mourning. Reports emerged that at least 16 people had been killed, with many more injured. The authorities quickly responded to the situation, but the impact of the tragedy was profound.

The alleged shooter, Robert Card, aged 40, was named as a person of interest. The community was urged to stay safe as he was considered armed and dangerous. The incident began at around 18:56 local time and led to multiple casualties. Residents were asked to shelter in place, and the city was on lockdown as law enforcement agencies worked to apprehend the suspect.

Community Response and Support

In times of tragedy, the strength of a community is tested, and the response from the people of Lewiston was remarkable. Billie Jayne Cooke, who was running for the city council, described the scene as she left an event and the city was filled with sirens and helicopters. The whole community came together to support one another.

The Central Maine Medical Center played a crucial role in treating the injured, and responding to a “mass casualty, mass shooter event.” Hospitals in the area coordinated their efforts to provide the necessary care. The community showed resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

The Suspect and Law Enforcement Efforts

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office released images of the suspect, described as a bearded man in a brown sweater carrying a firearm. Robert Card, the person of interest, was a firearms instructor trained by the US military. He had a history of threats and had spent time in a mental health center in the summer of 2023. Law enforcement agencies were working tirelessly to bring him to justice.

Police also shared a photo of a white vehicle, believed to have a black-painted front bumper, and asked for assistance from the public in identifying it. The safety of the community was paramount, and authorities left no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure the well-being of Lewiston residents.

Support from National and State Leaders

The tragedy in Lewiston did not go unnoticed by national and state leaders. The White House announced that President Joe Biden had been briefed on the situation and would continue to receive updates. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security was also monitoring the situation closely.

Local representatives, including Maine Governor Janet Mills, Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, and Congressman Jared Golden, received calls from President Biden. Senator King expressed his deep sadness for the city of Lewiston and all those affected by the tragedy.

Conclusion: Lewiston’s Resilience Shines Through

Lewiston, Maine is a city that prides itself on its diversity and the unity of its residents. The recent tragedy has tested the community, but its resilience and strength have shone through. In the face of adversity, the people of Lewiston have come together to support one another and show the world the true spirit of their city.

As the investigation into the active shooter incident continues, Lewiston remains united, and the support from local, state, and national leaders is a testament to the strength of the community. It is a stark reminder that even in the darkest of times, the light of unity and support can shine brightly.


What is the ethnic makeup of Lewiston, Maine?

Lewiston is a diverse city with a significant Somali population, among other ethnic groups.

How has the city’s diversity enriched its culture?

Lewiston’s diversity has brought different cultures together, creating a unique and inclusive community where people from various backgrounds share a sense of belonging.

Are there any cultural events or festivals that celebrate this diversity?

Yes, Lewiston hosts various cultural events and festivals that showcase its rich diversity, including Somali cultural celebrations and other community gatherings.

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