Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, IMDB

Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, IMDB

Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, IMDB -: Lisa Baur, an American actress, gained fleeting fame for her role as Shelly in the iconic 1978 comedy film, National Lampoon’s Animal House. Despite a short-lived acting career, Lisa’s journey took an unexpected turn towards candle-making, leading her to establish a successful business. This article explores the life, career, and passion of Lisa Baur.

Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, IMDB
Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, IMDB

Lisa Baur Bio

Full NameLisa Baur
Birth Date1950s (Exact date undisclosed)
Birth PlaceAtlantic, Iowa, USA
ProfessionActress turned Entrepreneur
CollegeColorado State University
Height5’ 7” (170 cm)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
FatherJack Baur
Marital StatusMarried
Estimated Net Worth$1.6 million
Lisa Baur Bio

Lisa Baur Early Life and Education

Lisa Baur hails from Atlantic, Iowa, USA, although details about her birthdate remain undisclosed. Her early education took place in the Atlantic, and she later graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Lisa continued her educational journey at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, adding diverse experiences to her background.

Lisa Baur Brief Acting Career

Lisa’s foray into acting began with a small role in the American crime drama TV series, Charlie’s Angels. Despite limited screen time, she caught the audience’s attention. However, her breakthrough came in 1978 with Animal House, marking both the start and end of her acting career. The movie’s colossal success at the box office did not translate into a sustained acting career for Lisa.

Lisa Baur Life Beyond Acting

Post her brief stint in the limelight, Lisa transitioned into entrepreneurship. In 1995, she founded “Living Light Candles,” showcasing her newfound passion for candle-making. Despite lacking formal training, Lisa’s dedication and hard work turned her venture into a successful business. Her handmade candles, crafted with love and skill, have garnered admiration even decades after her departure from the acting world.

Lisa Baur Love, Marriage, and New Beginnings

Lisa’s love for candle-making led her to Heinz, whom she eventually married. The couple settled in The Golden Bay Property in New Zealand, embracing a life intertwined with the art of crafting candles.

Lisa Baur Net Worth

Despite her brief presence in the entertainment industry, Lisa’s financial success is notable. Sources estimate her net worth at around $1.6 million, a testament to her entrepreneurial achievements in the candle business.

Lisa Baur Interesting Facts

  • Lisa harbored a lifelong interest in crafts.
  • Her birth name is Cynthia, but she started using Lisa after leaving acting.
  • Lisa is a self-taught artist in the craft of creating candles.
  • She currently resides in New Zealand.

Lisa Baur Social Media Accounts

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Lisa Baur’s journey from the glitz of Hollywood to the serenity of candlelight encapsulates the essence of a unique life path. Her resilience, creativity, and transition from the screen to entrepreneurship showcase the multifaceted nature of her character. In the quiet glow of her handmade candles, Lisa has found not just a business but a source of joy and satisfaction, proving that life’s second acts can be as fulfilling as the first.


What is Lisa Baur known for in her acting career?

Lisa Baur is primarily known for her role as Shelly Dubinsky in the 1978 comedy film “National Lampoon’s Animal House.”

What happened to Lisa Baur’s acting career after “Animal House”?

Lisa Baur’s acting career was short-lived, and she did not pursue further projects in the entertainment industry after her debut in “Animal House.”

What is Lisa Baur doing now?

After leaving acting, Lisa Baur transitioned into entrepreneurship and founded “Living Light Candles” in 1995. She has been involved in her candle-making business, with a focus on handmade candles.

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