Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Age, Daughter, Birthday, Snapped, Documentary

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Age, Daughter, Birthday, Snapped, Documentary

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Age, Daughter, Birthday, Snapped, Documentary -: The iconic and riveting true-crime series American Monster will revisit the amazing and horrific murder conspiracy case of Ramon Sosa in its upcoming episode titled Dance With Me, which will debut on Investigation Discovery on June 12th, 2022.

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Age, Daughter, Birthday, Snapped, Documentary
Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Age, Daughter, Birthday, Snapped, Documentary

ID’s American Monster dives extensively into some of the most disturbing and startling criminal cases using never-before-seen footage of victims and criminals attempting to remain concealed from view. Then it records them in the most genuine manner feasible.

Viewers are eagerly anticipating the Sunday, June 12, 2022 airing of American Monster because it will center on the tense and thrilling case of Ramon Sosa, who faked his own death with the help of his friend Mundo and the police in order to get his ex-wife Lulu Sosa imprisoned.

Before the upcoming Investigation Discovery episode of American Monster airs, let’s get started and learn everything there is to know about Ramon Sosa’s ex-wife Lulu.

What did Lulu Sosa do? Who is she?

Mexican mother of two Lulu Sosa, formerly known as Maria DeLourdes, met her ex-husband Ramon Sosa in Houston, Texas, in 2007. Former boxer Ramon Sosa is currently the owner of a renowned boxing gym. They supposedly fell deeply in love and got hitched in 2009. Ramon Sosa had three children from his first marriage and was divorced at the time. Their union seemed picture-perfect at first. Even opening a second boxing gym together was a joint effort. Lulu worked there as a trainer and supervised all the financial concerns.

However, after six years of marriage, significant issues started to arise, and the couple separated when Lulu allegedly accused Ramon of abusing her physically. Ramon vigorously refuted the accusations. According to reports, Lulu hired a divorce lawyer in 2015 to begin the divorce procedure.

Lulu later planned to hire a hitman to kill her husband Ramon Sosa before their divorce agreement was final, suggesting that she was contemplating something even worse.

However, Ramon Sosa was fortunate enough to almost avoid harm as his friend Mundo overheard Lulu and her daughter plotting to kill Ramon and informed him of the situation. They then presented the case to the police, who at the time were unable to help them because there was no supporting evidence. After that, Ramon and Mundo allegedly came up with a clever plan of their own to make Lulu believe that Mundo was helping her hire the hitman to kill Ramon. Later in this very intriguing plan, the police also got involved.

What happened to Lulu Sosa?

The cops apparently helped the two friends’ plans to get Lulu detained go one step further. They sent a covert operative to Lulu who appeared to be the hitman and stole money and jewelry from her in order to finish the job of killing Lulu’s husband Ramon Sosa.

Ramon claims that the police also made him pretend to be a dead man lying in a freshly dug grave with a bogus gunshot wound to the head. They took these photos of Ramon in an effort to persuade Lulu that he was no longer alive.

After seeing the picture and discovering that Ramon had passed away, Lulu reportedly made the decision to offer the undercover agent posing as the hitman additional cash and merchandise. The very following day, Lulu was accused of soliciting a capital murder and placed in detention.

Prior to entering a guilty plea in October 2016 and earning a reduced sentence, she was imprisoned for fifteen months. She averted a life sentence by doing this. According to reports, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Lulu will continue to serve her 20-year sentence in the Crain Unit in Texas until her anticipated release on August 22, 2025.

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