Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram – Marilee Fiebig, a renowned attorney based in Atlanta, has made a mark in the legal world. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo as Marilee Fiebig Holmes, she is married to the well-known media figure T. J. Holmes. This article explores Marilee’s life, from her early days in Africa to her successful legal career in the United States, shedding light on her personal and professional journey.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Early Life

Marilee Fiebig was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Her parents, William Fiebig and Pauline Fiebig, raised her in Africa until the family moved to the United States when Marilee was five years old. William, a Peace Corps volunteer, and Pauline, an African immigrant, played crucial roles in shaping Marilee’s upbringing. Marilee is one of three siblings, and interestingly, all of them pursued careers in law.

Real NameMarilee Fiebig Holmes.
Marilee Fiebig.
OccupationLawyer, Attorney, Celebrity Spouse, Media Face, and Entrepreneur.
Age (as of 2023)46 Years Old.
Birthdate27 October 1977 (Thursday).
BirthplaceThe Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Current ResidenceCalifornia, United States.
Zodiac SignScorpio.
Net WorthUSD 1.5 million (approx.)
Alma materThe University of Michigan.
Vanderbilt University Law School.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Marriage

Marilee is married to T. J. Holmes, Jr., a prominent American journalist and national television correspondent. T. J. was born in West Memphis, Arkansas, and gained recognition for his work with CNN as a host and journalist. The couple’s union brings together legal expertise and media influence, creating a dynamic and accomplished partnership.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Educational Journey

Marilee’s educational journey is marked by success. While details about her early education remain unknown, she attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate studies. Later, she pursued a law degree at Vanderbilt University’s Law School. Her commitment to education reflects in her thriving legal career.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Career Transition

Before venturing into law, Marilee spent five years at CNN, where she featured in weekend morning broadcasts. This experience not only enriched her professional background but also showcased her versatility. Transitioning from media to law, Marilee joined Powell Goldstein LLP in 2005, marking the beginning of a successful career in immigration law.

Beyond her legal practice, Marilee actively engages with the community. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA). Additionally, she holds the position of Treasurer for the Immigration Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia. Marilee’s commitment extends to mentoring at Year-Up Atlanta, showcasing her dedication to community service.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Age and Height

While Marilee Fiebig’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, her African ethnicity is a significant aspect of her identity. Her husband, T. J. Holmes, was born on August 19, 1977, making him 43 years old. As for Marilee’s height, it is not explicitly mentioned in available information, but she appears to be of average stature.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Educational Background

Marilee’s educational journey is traced back to the University of Michigan, where she successfully completed her undergraduate studies. Her pursuit of knowledge continued with law school at Vanderbilt University. Meanwhile, T. J. Holmes earned his degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas. The couple’s academic achievements lay a strong foundation for their respective careers.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Family Ties

Marilee Fiebig comes from a family where legal expertise runs in the blood. She has two siblings, both of whom, like her, chose careers in law. Born to William and Pauline Fiebig, her parents’ backgrounds in Peace Corps service and African immigration contribute to the diverse tapestry of her family history.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Salary and Net Worth

Specific details about Marilee Fiebig’s salary are currently unavailable. However, it is noteworthy that her husband, T. J. Holmes, is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. While Marilee’s financial details remain private, her successful legal career suggests a well-established professional standing.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Role as an Immigration Partner

Since 2005, Marilee has been an immigration partner at Powell Goldstein LLP. With three decades of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her specialization in immigration law aligns with her commitment to facilitating the legal aspects of global mobility for professionals.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Philanthropy

Marilee Fiebig extends her influence beyond the legal realm into philanthropy and social work. Serving on the Board of Trustees for Brooklyn Independent Middle School, she contributes to educational initiatives. Her role as a mentor at Unlock Her Potential showcases a commitment to empowering individuals.

Immigration Law and Beyond

Marilee Fiebig has been practicing law since 2005, specializing in business immigration. Her focus includes handling permanent residency for professionals, investors, artists, athletes, and international transfers. Additionally, she provides valuable assistance in global immigration disputes for multinational companies. Her role extends to advising companies on general immigration policies, as well as ensuring I-9 and E-Verify compliance.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Dating, Ethnicity, Birthday, Instagram

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In conclusion, Marilee Fiebig’s journey from Africa to becoming a distinguished attorney in Atlanta is a testament to her resilience and commitment. Her marriage to T. J. Holmes adds an extra layer of influence, combining legal and media prowess. Beyond her professional achievements, Marilee’s involvement in community service and philanthropy reflects a holistic approach to life. As she continues to make strides in the legal field, Marilee Fiebig remains an inspirational figure.

Who is Marilee Fiebig, and what is her professional background?

Marilee Fiebig is a well-known attorney based in Atlanta, with expertise in business immigration. She has been practicing law since 2005, specializing in areas such as permanent residency for professionals, investors, and international transfers.

What is Marilee Fiebig’s role in the legal community?

Marilee is actively involved in the legal community and currently serves as an immigration partner at Powell Goldstein LLP. She specializes in global immigration disputes for multinational companies.

What was Marilee Fiebig’s career before practicing law?

Before entering the legal field, Marilee spent five years working at CNN, featuring in weekend morning broadcasts.

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