NEET 2023 Cutoff Category-Wise : With Privious Year Cutoff

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most competitive medical entrance examinations in India.

NEET 2023 cutoff

Understanding NEET Cutoff

The NEET cutoff is the minimal score required for applicants to be considered for admission to Indian medical and dental schools. The number of applicants, the complexity of the exam, the number of seats available, and the reservation regulations established by the government are some of the variables that affect the cutoff scores.

NEET 2023 Cutoff Category-Wise Analysis Privious Year NEET Cutoff:

General Category: 570-580
OBC Category: 545-555
SC Category: 435-445
ST Category: 405-415

NEET 2021 Cutoff

General Category: 565-575
OBC Category: 540-550
SC Category: 430-440
ST Category: 400-410

General Category

The general category cutoff is typically higher compared to other categories because it is the most competitive. The general category cutoff in NEET 2022 was somewhere between 720 and 730 out of 720.

OBC (Other Backward Classes)

OBC candidates must meet a significantly lower cutoff than those in the general category. The OBC cutoff in NEET 2022 was roughly 680-690 out of 720.

SC (Scheduled Caste) and ST (Scheduled Tribe):

Typically, the SC and ST categories have lower cutoffs than the general and OBC categories. The cutoff for the SC and ST categories in NEET 2022 varied from 650 to 660 marks out of 720.

EWS (Economically Weaker Section):

The EWS category, which was introduced in 2019, offers reservations for socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. The cutoff for EWS candidates typically resembles the cutoff for general category candidates. The EWS cutoff for NEET 2022 was somewhere between 710 and 720 out of 720.

PwD (Persons with Disability)

According to government laws, candidates with disabilities are given accommodations and reservations. According on the particular handicap category, the threshold for PwD candidates changes.

Factors Affecting Cutoff Scores

Several factors influence the NEET cutoff scores, including:

Increased cutoff scores may be the result of more intense competition among a wider pool of applicants.

Exam difficulty

If the exam is more difficult, the cutoff scores may drop due to the candidates’ collective performance.

Seat availability

The cutoff scores may be affected by the amount of seats available in medical and dentistry schools; fewer seats will result in higher cutoffs.

Important Things to remember

The aforementioned variables can cause the NEET cutoff scores to change from year to year.

Depending on each state’s and organization’s unique reservation regulations and seat availability, cutoffs may also vary between states and organisations.

Not even making the cutoff scores assures admission. To improve your prospects of admission, you must earn a spot on the general merit list.


The fate of candidates nationwide aspiring to practise medicine and dentistry would be heavily influenced by the NEET 2023 cutoff scores category-wise. Based on the cutoffs from prior years and their category, prospective applicants should set reasonable goals. Along with thorough preparation, it’s important to be informed of any official announcements and instructions issued by the NTA and the relevant state authorities. All NEET 2023 candidates are encouraged to pursue successful medical careers.

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