Nicole Curtis Daughter Cancer, Feet, Children, Husband, Instagram

Nicole Curtis Daughter Cancer, Feet, Children, Husband, Instagram

Nicole Curtis Daughter Cancer, Feet, Children, Husband, Instagram -: Meet Nicole Curtis, the dynamic American television presenter, realtor, and author renowned for her passion in transforming homes. Widely recognized as the host of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” and now making waves with “Lake House Rescue,” Nicole’s journey is a compelling tale of dedication, resilience, and a love for restoring the charm of old houses. Let’s delve into the life and career of this trailblazer in-home rehabilitation.

Nicole Curtis Daughter Cancer, Feet, Children, Husband, Instagram
Nicole Curtis Daughter Cancer, Feet, Children, Husband, Instagram

Nicole Curtis Bio

Full NameNicole Lynn Curtis
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1976
Age (as of 2023)47 Years
BirthplaceLake Orion, Michigan, USA
CollegeLake Orion High School
ProfessionTelevision Presenter
Height5’ 5” (165 cm)
Weight56 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel
ParentsFather: Rod Curtis, Mother: Joanie Curtis
SiblingsBrother: Ryan Curtis
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandSteve Lane
ChildrenTwo Sons – Ethan & Harper Lyne
Net Worth (Estimated)$5 million
Nicole Curtis Bio

Nicole Curtis Early Days and Commitments

Nicole Curtis, the renowned American television presenter, realtor, and author, first graced the world on August 20, 1976, in Lake Orion, Michigan. Raised by her parents Rod and Joanie Curtis alongside her brother Ryan, Nicole’s early life remains a bit of a mystery. What is known is that she embraced marriage at the young age of 20, taking on the responsibilities of both a spouse and a single mother.

Nicole Curtis Academic Pursuits

Nicole’s educational journey led her to the University of Michigan, although details of her major, graduation and other qualifications remain undisclosed. Despite this, her commitment to education reflects her determination to balance personal and professional growth.

Nicole Curtis Bio

Nicole Curtis Embarking on a Career in Real Estate and Restoration

Nicole Curtis initiated her career as a licensed realtor with Keller Williams, marking the beginning of her journey into real estate and house restoration. Her passion for rehabilitating old houses and transforming them into gems caught the attention of HGTV, leading to the creation of her acclaimed show, “Rehab Addict,” which premiered in 2010. Initially set in Minneapolis, the show shifted to Detroit after its fourth season, running for a successful eight seasons before Nicole took a hiatus in 2018.

The Rehab Addict Resurgence

Returning to the screen with the same fervor, Nicole Curtis is back in action with a spin-off titled “Lake House Rescue,” airing on November 3, 2022, on HGTV. Her commitment to preserving the charm of old homes continues, captivating audiences once again.

Nicole Curtis Bio

Nicole Curtis Literary Pursuits

Beyond her television career, Nicole is also an author, penning the book “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (& How They Saved Me).” This literary endeavor showcases her insights into the world of home restoration and the personal growth it has facilitated.

Nicole Curtis Social Media Presence

In the age of digital connectivity, Nicole Curtis actively engages with her audience through Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With a substantial following on each platform, she shares glimpses of her life, projects, and insights into the world of home rehabilitation.

Nicole Curtis Bio

Nicole Curtis Personal Life and Family

Nicole’s personal life has been marked by significant milestones. Divorced and a single mother, she navigates the complexities of raising two sons, Ethan and Harper. Her first marriage, to Steve Lane, ended in 2009, making her a single mother at a young age. Later, in 2015, she welcomed her second son, Harper, with her ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire. Tragically, her close friend and collaborator Bobby Prothero’s daughter, Tessa, passed away due to cancer, leaving a profound impact on Nicole and those around her.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth and Lifestyle

Nicole Curtis’s successful career in television has translated into financial success, with an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Her journey from a passionate home rehabber to a household name reflects not only her professional accomplishments but also her ability to lead a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth and Lifestyle

Nicole Curtis Struggles and Triumphs

Nicole’s life journey has been marked by both struggles and triumphs. From the challenges of single motherhood to the burnout leading her to step back from “Rehab Addict” in 2018, Nicole’s resilience shines through. Her fight for custody of her son Harper, settled in 2018, further underscores her determination and commitment to family.

Nicole Curtis Personal Preferences and Hobbies

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nicole Curtis is known for her love of collecting antique items and participating in marathons. Her involvement with the Achilles Freedom Team, a group supporting wounded military members, showcases her dedication to causes close to her heart.

Nicole Curtis Philanthropic Contributions

Nicole extends her influence beyond the screen, actively participating in philanthropy. Her efforts to raise money for her friend Brian Thomas, battling STAGE IV Melanoma, through open houses exemplify her commitment to supporting those in need.

Nicole Curtis Bio

Nicole Curtis Preserving History through Homes

Through “Rehab Addict,” Nicole has played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the historical significance of various properties. Her efforts go beyond mere restoration, as she contributes to saving these properties from potential demolition, emphasizing the importance of preserving history.

Nicole Curtis Legacy and Impact

Nicole’s departure from “Rehab Addict” in 2018, fueled by burnout and the loss of Tessa Prothero, left a lasting impact on both her and her audience. The show’s hiatus allowed her to recharge, returning with a renewed vigor in “Lake House Rescue.” Her legacy extends beyond television, leaving an indelible mark on the world of home rehabilitation.

Nicole Curtis Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Nicole Curtis’s journey from a young enthusiast in Michigan to a renowned television personality reflects not only her commitment to preserving the beauty of old homes but also her resilience in the face of personal and professional challenges. As she continues her mission in “Lake House Rescue,” audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the life of this remarkable woman, whose passion for homes is matched only by her dedication to family, causes, and a life well-lived.


What happened with Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis took a hiatus from her show “Rehab Addict” in 2018 due to burnout and the unfortunate death of Tessa Prothero, a close friend’s daughter. She returned to the screen with renewed energy in the spin-off “Lake House Rescue.”

Who is Nicole Curtis’s ex-husband?

Nicole Curtis’s ex-husband is Steve Lane. They were married, but their marriage ended in 2009.

Does Nicole Curtis have custody of her second son?

Yes, Nicole Curtis fought for the custody of her second son, Harper, for several years, and the matter was settled in 2018.

Who is Nicole Curtis in a relationship with?

Nicole Curtis is finally opening up about the new man in her life! The Rehab Addict star, 42, tells PEOPLE exclusively she has been dating Ryan Sawtelle for more than a year. Sawtelle is the Executive Director and founder of the White Heart Foundation, a military nonprofit.

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