Noelia Voigt Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Biografia

Noelia Voigt Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Biografia

Noelia Voigt Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Biografia -: In the dazzling world of beauty pageants, Noelia Voigt shines as the Miss USA 2023 winner. Her journey from being born in Florida to reaching the pinnacle of beauty and grace is nothing short of inspiring. In this article, we’ll dive into the life of Noelia Voigt, exploring her background, career, personal life, and the remarkable achievements that led her to become the new Miss USA.

Noelia Voigt Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Biografia
Noelia Voigt Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Biografia

Noelia Voigt Bio

Full NameNoelia Voigt
BirthplaceFlorida, USA
Age23 years old (as of 2023)
EthnicityPartly Venezuelan
ParentsMother of Latin descent, Father American
EducationPine View School, Florida Virtual School, University of Alabama, Jefferson State Community College, Aveda Institute Birmingham
CareerLicensed Aesthetician, Certified Lash Technician, Interior Design Student, RH Birmingham Consultant, Pursuing Education in Real Estate and Project Management
AdvocacyImmigration Rights Advocate, Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Advocate, Published Children’s Book Author (Maddie the BRAVE)
HobbiesDancing, Camping, Teaching Australian Shepherd Tricks
Pageant AchievementsMiss USA 2023 Winner, Miss Collegiate Alabama 2020, First Runner-Up Miss Alabama USA 2022, First Runner-Up Miss Florida Teen USA 2018
Noelia Voigt Bio

Noelia Voigt Early Life and Family

Noelia Voigt was born in the sunny state of Florida, where her story began. She comes from a diverse background, with a mother of Latin descent and an American father. While the names of her parents remain a mystery, they’ve played a significant role in shaping her journey. Noelia’s mixed heritage reflects the rich tapestry of the United States, which she proudly represents.

Noelia Voigt Education and Career

Education has always been a priority for Noelia. She pursued her academic journey diligently, attending Pine View School and the Florida Virtual School. Later, she continued her education at the University of Alabama and Jefferson State Community College, demonstrating her commitment to learning and personal growth.

Beyond academics, Noelia’s career is equally impressive. She’s a licensed aesthetician and certified lash technician, having worked at the Iron City Lash Bar in Birmingham. Currently, she’s an interior design student, showcasing her passion for creativity and aesthetics. Her consultancy work at RH Birmingham in the same field further highlights her dedication to her career.

Notably, Noelia is also pursuing an education in Real Estate and Project Management, demonstrating her versatility and determination to excel in various fields.

Noelia Voigt Bio

Noelia Voigt Advocacy and Writing

Noelia Voigt is not just a pageant winner; she’s also an advocate for important causes. She’s an immigration rights advocate, tirelessly working to promote awareness and change in this area. Moreover, she’s been actively involved in dating violence awareness and prevention for six years, alongside the One Love Foundation, showing her commitment to addressing critical social issues.

Beyond advocacy, Noelia is a published children’s book author. She penned “Maddie the BRAVE,” a book that tackles the issue of bullying, inspired by the tragic story of 9-year-old Madison Whittsett, who took her own life after enduring relentless bullying at school. Noelia’s writing demonstrates her empathy and dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Miss USA 2023 and Beyond

Miss USA 2023 and Beyond

Noelia Voigt’s journey to Miss USA 2023 was marked by dedication and determination. She competed against 50 other talented contestants, impressing the judges, and earning the prestigious title. Her eloquent response during the question-and-answer round showcased her ability to connect with people. She emphasized the importance of unity in a diverse country like the United States, drawing from her own background as a bilingual Venezuelan-American woman.

As the newly crowned Miss USA, Noelia Voigt will represent her country in the Miss Universe competition, scheduled for November 18, 2023, in El Salvador. Her mission is to be a true ambassador of diversity, representing every community, regardless of their background, race, or ethnicity.

Noelia Voigt Personal Life and Hobbies

When she’s not gracing the pageant stage, Noelia enjoys a range of hobbies. She’s passionate about dancing, finding joy in the rhythm and movement of this art form. Camping is another activity close to her heart, allowing her to connect with nature and unwind. Notably, she’s also a skilled teacher of tricks to her Australian shepherd, showcasing her love for animals.

Noelia Voigt Bio

Noelia Voigt Legacy and Achievements

Noelia Voigt’s journey to Miss USA was paved with success in various pageants. In 2017 and 2018, she secured fourth runner-up and first runner-up positions at the Miss Florida Teen USA competitions, respectively. In 2020, she was crowned Miss Collegiate Alabama, showcasing her excellence in beauty and grace.

The year 2022 brought her closer to the Miss USA title as she claimed the first runner-up position at the Miss Alabama USA competition. Finally, in the following year, she triumphed as the Miss Utah USA, competing against 19 other remarkable candidates, and ultimately winning the Miss USA title for 2023.

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Noelia Voigt’s life story is a testament to her unwavering dedication, diverse heritage, and passion for making a positive impact on society. As the new Miss USA, she carries the responsibility of representing a diverse nation and advocating for important causes. With her determination and charisma, Noelia Voigt is not just a pageant queen but an inspiring figure for people of all backgrounds to look up to. Her journey continues to inspire us all, and her future endeavors are eagerly anticipated with great excitement.


Who is Noelia Voigt?

Noelia Voigt is the reigning Miss USA for the year 2023. She won the title after competing in the Miss Utah USA competition.

What is Noelia Voigt’s ethnicity?

Noelia Voigt is partly Venezuelan, reflecting her diverse background.

What is Noelia Voigt’s career outside of pageantry?

She is an interior design student and has worked as a licensed aesthetician and certified lash technician. She also served as a consultant for RH Birmingham in the field of interior design.

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