Noga Tarnopolsky Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Bio

Noga Tarnopolsky Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Bio

Noga Tarnopolsky Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Bio -: Noga Tarnopolsky is a name that may not be as well-known as some famous journalists, but her career spanning over 25 years is a testament to her dedication and impact on the world of journalism. While she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page as of October 2023, let’s delve into the life and career of this remarkable journalist.

Noga Tarnopolsky Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Bio
Noga Tarnopolsky Wikipedia, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Bio

Noga Tarnopolsky Bio

Full NameNoga Tarnopolsky
Birth Year1960
Age63 years old
Childhood LocationSwitzerland
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
EducationBachelor of Arts from Amherst College (1987)
Net WorthApproximately $300,000
Noga Tarnopolsky Bio

Noga Tarnopolsky Early Life and Family

Noga Tarnopolsky was born in 1960 in Argentina, and her childhood was spent in Switzerland. Although she hasn’t shared much about her parents, she did share a picture of her grandmother, Clari, on Instagram, possibly on her 98th birthday. It’s worth noting that her paternal grandfather, Samuel Tarnopolsky, is a notable figure known for his prize-winning study on indigenous people and conquerors in literature.

Noga Tarnopolsky Age and Background

As of October 2023, Noga is in her early 60s. However, her exact birthdate remains undisclosed, leaving her zodiac sign a mystery. She’s of mixed ethnicity and practices the Jewish religion. In terms of appearance, she stands at around 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and maintains a decent weight.

Noga Tarnopolsky Bio

Noga Tarnopolsky Education Journey

Noga’s educational journey took her to the Ecole Internationale de Geneve and eventually to Amherst College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 1987. It’s clear that her early years laid the foundation for her future success in journalism.

Noga Tarnopolsky Personal Life

Noga Tarnopolsky’s personal life is quite private. Despite being in her early 60s, she hasn’t revealed much about her dating life or relationship status in the media. There’s no information available about her husband or boyfriend, suggesting that she prefers to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye. She seems to be more focused on her career and professional growth.

Noga Tarnopolsky Career and Achievements

Noga Tarnopolsky has had a diverse and successful career as a journalist, reporter, writer, and news personality. She has earned an estimated net worth of approximately $300,000 through her work, which allows her to lead a comfortable life.

Throughout her career, she held significant positions such as being the director of Punto Press in 2009-2010 and serving as a senior correspondent for Global Post from 2010-2014. Since 2014, she has worked as a freelance correspondent, covering critical events and issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the US and EU’s roles in the Middle East, and human rights concerns in South America.

Noga Tarnopolsky’s exceptional writing skills have led to her work being featured in reputable publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post. Her dedication to journalism and her ability to report on complex global issues have earned her respect in the field.

Noga Tarnopolsky Social Media Accounts

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Noga Tarnopolsky’s journey as a journalist and writer has been both remarkable and impactful. Despite her low-profile personal life, her professional accomplishments and contributions to journalism speak volumes. With over two decades of experience, she continues to provide valuable insights into critical global matters, making her a respected figure in the world of journalism.


What is Noga Tarnopolsky’s age?

Noga Tarnopolsky was born in 1960, which would make her in her early 60s as of October 2023. However, her exact birthdate remains undisclosed.

Where did Noga Tarnopolsky receive her education?

Noga attended the Ecole Internationale de Geneve and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College in the years 1983-1987.

Is Noga Tarnopolsky currently in a relationship or married?

Noga Tarnopolsky’s dating life and relationship status remain private. There is no public information about her husband or boyfriend. She has chosen to focus on her career rather than publicize her personal affairs.

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