Patricia Wettig Actress Wikipedia, Net Worth

Patricia Wettig Actress Wikipedia, Net Worth

Patricia Wettig Actress Wikipedia, Net Worth -: Patricia Anne Wettig, born on December 4, 1951, is a renowned American actress and playwright celebrated for her impactful performances. Best known for her role as Nancy Krieger Weston in the popular NBC drama series Thirtysomething (1987–1991), Wettig has carved a successful career in both television and film.

Patricia Wettig Actress Wikipedia, Net Worth
Patricia Wettig Actress Wikipedia, Net Worth

Patricia Wettig Bio

Full NamePatricia Anne Wettig
Date of BirthDecember 4, 1951
Age72 years old
Place of BirthCincinnati, Ohio
ParentsClifford Neal Wettig (father, college basketball coach) and Florence Wettig (mother)
SiblingsThree sisters: Pam, Phylis, and Peggy
EducationUniversity of Cincinnati (Theater major)
American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco (Studied theater)
MarriageMarried to actor and director Ken Olin since 1982
ChildrenTwo children: Roxy and Clifford
Height5 feet 4.5 inches
WeightApproximately 126 pounds
Net WorthEstimated at $3 million
Patricia Wettig Bio

Patricia Wettig Early Life and Education

Patricia Wettig was born into the Wettig family on December 4, 1951, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father, Clifford Neal Wettig, was a college basketball coach, and her mother, Florence Wettig, provided a nurturing environment for Patricia and her three sisters. Patricia attended Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, actively participating in the drama club.

After high school, Patricia pursued her passion for theater at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in the art form. Further honing her skills, she studied at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, setting the stage for her future career.

Patricia Wettig The Journey into Acting

In the early 1980s, Patricia Wettig took her initial steps into acting with appearances in various stage productions. Her television debut occurred in 1984 on the ABC soap opera Loving, marking the beginning of a remarkable career.

The turning point in Wettig’s career came in 1987 when she secured the role of Nancy Krieger Weston in Thirtysomething. The show garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, propelling Wettig into the spotlight. Her outstanding portrayal earned her an Emmy Award in 1988 and a Golden Globe Award in 1989.

Patricia Wettig Bio

Patricia Wettig: Age, Height, and Weight

As of December 5, 2023, Patricia Wettig is 72 years old, having been born on December 4, 1951.

Standing at 5 feet 4 and a half inches, Patricia Wettig maintains a weight of approximately 126 pounds, reflecting her timeless grace and stature.

Patricia Wettig Post-Thirtysomething Career

After the conclusion of Thirtysomething in 1991, Patricia Wettig continued to contribute to television and film. Notable mentions include Guilty by Suspicion (1991), City Slickers (1991), City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold (1994), and The Langoliers (1995).

Beyond acting, Wettig ventured into playwriting. In 2005, she co-wrote the play The Illusion with her husband Ken Olin, showcasing her creative versatility.

Patricia Wettig Personal Life

Patricia Wettig’s family is deeply rooted in Ohio. She is the daughter of Clifford Neal Wettig and Florence Wettig, with three sisters—Pam, Phylis, and Peggy. In 1982, Wettig married actor and director Ken Olin, and together they have two children, Roxy and Clifford.

Despite their public presence, Patricia and Ken maintain a private life away from the media. Their commitment to keeping their personal lives discreet is evident, allowing them to balance their family life with their careers.

Patricia Wettig Bio

Patricia Wettig Filmography

  • Guilty by Suspicion (1991): A noteworthy film in Wettig’s career.
  • City Slickers (1991) and City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold (1994): Contributions to the popular comedy series.
  • The Langoliers (1995): A memorable appearance in the television miniseries.

Wettig’s television journey encompasses an impressive array of shows, including ER, Frasier, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her impactful roles reflect her versatility as an actress.

Patricia Wettig Personal Insights and Recognition

In her personal life, Patricia Wettig’s long-lasting marriage to Ken Olin and their two children, Roxy and Clifford, stands as a testament to her commitment to family.

Wettig’s talent has not gone unnoticed. She has received 28 award nominations, including 10 Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Her three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Thirtysomething are indicative of her acting prowess.

Patricia Wettig Net Worth

Patricia Wettig Net Worth

Patricia Wettig’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million, a testament to her successful career as an actress and playwright. The financial culmination of her endeavors includes her iconic role in Thirtysomething and contributions to various films and television shows.

Her influence extends beyond acting, with her play The Illusion adding to her diverse contributions to the entertainment industry. Wettig’s ability to seamlessly navigate both acting and playwriting underscores her multifaceted talents.

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Patricia Wettig’s journey from Cincinnati to Hollywood is a tale of talent, versatility, and a commitment to her craft. Her contributions to the entertainment industry, coupled with her steadfast commitment to family, make her a respected figure both on and off the screen. As she continues to leave her mark, Patricia Wettig remains a cherished name in the world of acting and storytelling.


Who is Ken Olin’s daughter?

Ken Olin’s daughter is Roxy Olin, born in 1985.

Who is Ken Olin’s son?

Ken Olin’s son is Clifford Olin, born in 1983.

What happened to Ken Olin?

Ken Olin is currently a successful television producer and director. He is best known for his work on the critically acclaimed shows “Thirtysomething” and “This Is Us”. He has also directed several films, including “The West Wing” and “Brothers & Sisters”.

How old is Ken Olin?

As of December 5, 2023, Ken Olin is 69 years old. He was born on July 30, 1954.

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