Ron Cherry Wikipedia, Wiki, Refree, Gif

Ron Cherry Wikipedia, Wiki, Refree, Gif

Ron Cherry Wikipedia, Wiki, Refree, Gif – J. Ron Cherry, commonly known as Soke Cherry, is a martial artist and the founder of the American Kempo-Karate Association. His journey in the world of martial arts is an inspiring tale of dedication and commitment.

Ron Cherry Wikipedia, Wiki, Refree, Gif

Ron Cherry Early Life and Beginnings

Born in 1947: J. Ron Cherry was born in Mooresville, North Carolina, in 1947.

Early Interest in Judo: His martial arts journey started at the age of 7 when he began learning Judo. This initial exposure fueled his passion for martial arts.

Transition to Karate Do

Discovery of Karate Do: Around 1960, Cherry discovered Karate Do and was deeply intrigued by it after attending a demonstration.

Instructor James Clements: To learn Karate Do, he sought guidance from Sensei James Clements, a black belt in Shotokan Karate and a boxing instructor. Cherry excelled under Clements’ guidance, eventually becoming one of the first brown belts promoted by him.

Military School and Martial Arts Clubs

Oak Ridge Military Institute: Cherry attended Oak Ridge Military Institute in North Carolina, which prompted him to expand martial arts on campus.

Meeting Tae In Yun: Cherry managed to bring Master Tae In Yun, a sixth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, to the campus to start a martial arts club.

Association with Master Chung Koo Kim: Cherry joined the American Karate Association, led by Master Chung Koo Kim, the instructor for Master Yun. His training with Master Kim continued after high school.

Deepening His Knowledge: Oriental Weapons and More

Training with Master Takio Yamura: In Charlotte, NC, Cherry started training with Master Takio Yamura in oriental weapons, particularly Kobudo. This intensive study lasted for two years.

Pharmacy School and Military Service

Pharmacy School: In 1969, Cherry began pharmacy school at the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, SC.

Service in the Army: In 1971, Cherry was drafted and underwent basic training at Ft. Jackson. Later, he was assigned to Ft. Devens, MA, the home base for the 10th Special Forces. There, he trained with many martial artists who were members of the 10th Special Forces.

Return to Pharmacy School: After receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1973, Cherry returned to the Medical University of South Carolina, where he completed his pharmacy schooling and was awarded a Doctor of Pharmacy title in 1982.

Mentorship by Professor Albert C. Church, Jr.

Meeting Professor Church: After his return to Charleston, Soke Cherry met Professor Albert C. Church, Jr., who was a Grand Master of a comprehensive martial arts system.

Chief Examiner and Instructor: Cherry became the Chief Examiner for the Nippon Kobudo Rengo-Kai (NKR) and the American Hapkido Karate Federation (AHKF). He also became the acting Technical Advisor for all NKR and AHKF dojos in the field.

Founding the American Kempo-Karate Association

Inheritance of Knowledge: After Professor Church’s passing in 1980, Soke Cherry decided to create the American Kempo-Karate Association. This organization would allow him to continue sharing the martial arts knowledge he had acquired.

Teaching Unconventional Personal Combat

Development of UPC Course: In 1982, Soke Cherry developed a course known as Unconventional Personal Combat (UPC). This course was designed for high-risk personnel like SWAT, counter-terrorism teams, hostage rescue teams, and executive protection agents.

Teaching at Ft. Gordon and Brenau Public Service Institute: Soke Cherry was named a civilian instructor at Ft. Gordon, GA, and Brenau Public Service Institute to teach the UPC course and other related courses.

Passing the Torch to Nidai Soke Ray Ferrell

Semi-Retirement and Successor: In March 2000, Soke Cherry semi-retired from the administration of the American Kempo-Karate Association. He named Nidai Soke Ray Ferrell as the successor and inheritor of the Shorinji Toraken Do martial arts systems.

Continuing Legacy: The headquarters for this martial arts association is located at the Academy of Kempo-Karate in Charlotte, NC, where Nidai Soke Ferrell continues to build upon the philosophy and techniques passed down by Soke Cherry.


J. Ron Cherry, or Soke Cherry, has dedicated his life to the world of martial arts. From his early days learning Judo to becoming a respected martial artist, his journey is marked by continuous learning and a commitment to sharing his knowledge with others. His legacy lives on through the American Kempo-Karate Association and the dedicated individuals like Nidai Soke Ray Ferrell who continue to pass on the rich tradition of martial arts.

Who is J. Ron Cherry?

J. Ron Cherry, often known as Soke Cherry, is a martial artist and the founder of the American Kempo-Karate Association.

Where was J. Ron Cherry born?

J. Ron Cherry was born in Mooresville, North Carolina, in 1947.

When did J. Ron Cherry start his martial arts journey?

His journey began at the age of 7 when he started learning Judo.

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