Sari Bashi Wikipedia, Wiki, Husband, Book, Twitter

Sari Bashi Wikipedia, Wiki, Husband, Book, Twitter

Sari Bashi Wikipedia, Wiki, Husband, Book, Twitter -: Sari Bashi is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place. This article delves into her inspiring journey, accomplishments, and the various facets of her life, in a simple and human-readable format.

Sari Bashi Wikipedia, Wiki, Husband, Book, Twitter
Sari Bashi Wikipedia, Wiki, Husband, Book, Twitter

Sari Bashi Bio

Full NameSari Bashi
Date of Birth1975
Place of ResidenceTel Aviv, Israel
ProfessionLawyer, Human Rights Advocate
OrganizationGisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement
Previous RoleProgram Director at Human Rights Watch
EducationB.A. (Yale University), J.D. (Yale Law School)
Notable WorksAuthor of “Maqluba: Upside Down Love” (Hebrew)
Other RolesCorrespondent for the Associated Press
InterestsMarathon and ultra-marathon runner
Family LifeBlog – “Umm Forat” about raising children in the occupied West Bank
AdvocacyPromotes human rights, freedom of movement, and humanitarian aid
Recent StanceAdvocacy for Gaza, Critique of collective punishment and war crimes
Humanitarian PleaEmphasizes the importance of upholding international humanitarian law and peace
Sari Bashi Bio

Who is Sari Bashi?

Sari Bashi is an Israeli-Jewish lawyer born in 1975 and currently living in Tel Aviv. She has made a name for herself as a prominent human rights advocate and is known for her work as the Executive Director of Gisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.

Who is Sari Bashi?

Sari Bashi Early Life and Education

Sari’s journey into the world of human rights advocacy began with her education. She earned her B.A. (with honors) from Yale University and then went on to obtain her J.D. from Yale Law School. Her impressive academic background laid the foundation for her future career as a lawyer and advocate.

The Gisha Organization

Sari Bashi, along with Professor Kenneth Mann, co-founded Gisha. This organization is dedicated to protecting the freedom of movement for Palestinians. It achieves this through direct legal assistance and public advocacy. Gisha plays a vital role in promoting awareness of human rights and challenging policies that restrict the movement of Palestinians.

Sari Bashi Work at Human Rights Watch

Sari Bashi’s commitment to human rights doesn’t stop with Gisha. She has also served as the Program Director at Human Rights Watch. In this role, she has overseen a team of 270 individuals working in 50 countries, focusing on 18 regional and thematic human rights areas. Her work at Human Rights Watch underscores her dedication to making a global impact.

Sari Bashi Bio

Sari Bashi Author and Correspondent

In addition to her legal and advocacy work, Sari Bashi is a talented author. She wrote, “Maqluba: Upside Down Love” (in Hebrew), which has received awards for its portrayal of love in the shadow of the Israeli occupation. Furthermore, she has worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press, contributing to the world of journalism.

Sari Bashi Personal Life

Sari Bashi is not just a lawyer and advocate; she’s also a marathon and ultra-marathon runner. Her passion for running reflects her determination and stamina, qualities that have undoubtedly contributed to her success in her professional life.

Sari Bashi Family and Blogging

Sari is a loving mother who has raised her children in the occupied West Bank. She shares her experiences and insights through her blog, “Umm Forat,” which provides a unique perspective on life in this challenging region. You can find more about her family life and her thoughts on her blog,

Sari Bashi Stance on Human Rights

One of Sari Bashi’s core beliefs is the importance of protecting the rights of all individuals, even during times of conflict. She emphasizes the need to uphold human rights for everyone, regardless of the circumstances.

Sari Bashi Bio

Sari Bashi Recent Controversy

Sari Bashi has not been afraid to voice her opinions and advocate for what she believes is right. She has been critical of actions that she sees as harmful to civilians in Gaza, such as the withholding of water, electricity, and fuel shipments. She has labeled such actions as war crimes, underlining her commitment to holding those in power accountable for their actions.

Advocating for Gaza

Sari Bashi’s work has involved advocating for the people of Gaza, emphasizing the importance of access to basic goods and humanitarian aid, as required by international law. She has consistently called for the restoration of the flow of electricity and water, monitored fuel deliveries, and facilitation humanitarian aid into Gaza.

A Plea for Peace

In light of ongoing violence in the Israel-Palestine region, Sari Bashi makes a heartfelt plea for all parties to respect international humanitarian law. She stresses the need to prevent unlawful attacks on civilians and calls for the immediate release of civilian hostages.

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Sari Bashi’s life is a testament to the power of dedication and advocacy. Her journey from law school to co-founding Gisha, her work with Human Rights Watch, and her role as a mother, author, and marathon runner, all speak to her passion for making a positive impact in the world. Sari’s advocacy for human rights and her plea for peace in conflict zones is a shining example of what one individual can achieve when they dedicate their life to a cause they believe in.

Sari Bashi’s story is one of inspiration, and her tireless efforts in the realm of human rights remind us that even in challenging times, we can make a difference and strive for a more just and compassionate world.


What is the title of Sari Bashi’s book?

Sari Bashi wrote a book titled “Maqluba: Upside Down Love” in Hebrew. It has received awards for its portrayal of love in the context of the Israeli occupation.

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