Best Preparation Strategy For Sbi Po Exam

SBI PO 2023 Prelims exam is going to start soon and you have to clear this exam soon without any delay. And you will need some tips and tricks and strategies.

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Check out the important strategies and tips on how to crack sbi po 2022 exam in the first attempt.

A short time ago, it was believed that government papers are easily passed and passing them is not a difficult task. But you must know that nowadays passing the government papers is not enough.

Now we are going to discuss the important tips and strategies that will help you crack the sbi.po 2023 exam in the very first attempt.

Importance of Best Preparation and Strategy for SBI PO 2023.

  • You can end your preparation in a better way.
  • The more your plan is specific, the more likely you will achieve your goals.
  • The more your plan is specific, the more likely you will achieve your goals.
  • You can make the best revision.
  • You will be more relaxed and focused before the exam day

These four are some of the elements that will come in handy for you to crack the SBI PO 2023 exam in the very first attempt.

Some of the best and best strategies to crack the SBI PO 2023 exam.

Before knowing about the best strategies to prepare for SBI PO 2023 exam, it is very important to know about the exam pattern and syllabus

Because if you do not know about the exam pattern and syllabus, then what will you do after knowing the strategies, you have to understand the syllabus, for this you have to understand some of the following things.

Scenic Photo 2023 Exam Watch & Syllabus.

• SBI Exam Pattern is same as Prelims Exam Pattern with not much changes.

• There is no cutoff of any kind for mains exam and preliminary exam.

• If you want to make a place in the merit list, then you will not have to go through some important strategies.

There are some following sections for the preliminary exam.

• In the preliminary exam, you are given three sections in which C is your English Reasoning and Current Affairs.

• You should have a good knowledge of each and every one of these sections and prepare well for them.

• At the same time, don’t be too proud of the fact that you are good at only one section. Rather you should have a good knowledge of all the sections

There are some following sections for the mains exam.

  • general awareness
  • data interpretation
  • analysis logic
  • computer capability
  • English Ability.

In the mains exam you have a descriptive paper of 50 marks.

It is mandatory for you to answer 2 questions on the basis of your application form or essay and for this you are given 30 minutes.

Remember you have to prepare each and every section well and gather maximum information about it and try to score well.

Study all the important topics thoroughly.

Whenever you start preparing for the exam, you should know which is your important topic. And according to that you make the time table so that you can work according to it and give time to all the subject.

Go through the previous years’ questions to crack the SBI PO exam.

If you have seen your important topics and understood them well.

• Next you will need. SBI PO Question Papers.

• You have to collect some previous year question papers of SBI and understand them.

• You solve those question papers and check the marks scored by you.

• And get an idea of ​​how much effort you need right now.

You don’t have to think that you have to become proficient in only one main subject, you have to carry all the subjects and try to be proficient in all.

If you solve previous years’ questions, you will get an idea of ​​which topics you need to work harder.

  • Understand the basics of the topics and solve them.
  • You have to start from zero.
  • try to maintain your speed and accuracy

On the basis of all the clothes given above, you can know in which subject you are weak and try to give maximum time to it, you have to give equal time to all the subjects, you do not spend day and night in any one subject.

Step 1- Focus on the weak topics and strengthen the strong topics.

Step 2- You have to understand about your weak and strong subjects and work hard on them.

Step 3- Most of the students pay more attention to their weak subjects and less to their strong subjects but you have to avoid doing this you have to give equal time to all.

You can follow the below points to improve your weak subjects.
Strengthen weak subjects

First of all, you have to prepare a list of those subjects in which you are weak. You have to decide your order of preference based on your knowledge. Means you have to concentrate on those subjects in which you are weak.

Improve speed and accuracy

My take on the accuracy and speed of time is that you have to take care that you solve more and more questions from the topics you are weak in and make sure that you solve and remember the questions with accuracy.

Prepare for SBI PO Prelims and Mains together.

Most of the students make the mistake that they first prepare for the preliminary exam and then start preparing for the mains exam.

Students think that they will first clear the preliminary exam and then clear the mains exam. For your information, let us tell you that this strategy does not work for long.

1 – When you finish the preliminary exam then you do not have that much time for the mains exam.

2- A smart and brilliant student will never prepare like this. He will start preparing for the first phase as well as the second phase.।

3- You have to focus on current of air and general awareness section will be more helpful for you to score good marks in mains exam.

4- You should prepare for current affairs everyday.

Make notes of all the topics and be aware of banking terminologies and history of banking as well as current updates.

Some of the following way to read current affairs
  • Newspaper
  • tv
  • magazine’s
  • internet – YouTube, Google,teligram groups etc

Make a time table and follow it.

You have to make a time table and follow it according to your own time to become proficient in each section.

Take proper time to cooperate in all your weak and study it with sincerity. So that you do not face much problem in sbi po paper.

You need to give 1 to 2 hours a day to your General Awareness topic as it will increase your score more.

Practice Sectional Mock Tests.

If you give time to all your subjects within the given time limit, then you will not need to make a strategy for the second stage exam. Your routine will start automatically.

You need to be alert and motivated towards those subjects which take up a lot of your time for collaboration. And the subjects in which you are weak.

You have to attempt 25+ questions in each section and score 20+ marks out of all those questions in the preliminary exam.

Make each section strong and try to score good marks while practicing. Because these activities will help you more later on.

Try to take full mock tests daily.

To score well in SBI PEO Exam, you should start taking your full marks mock tests 20 – 25 days before the exam.

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This will help you to have an idea of ​​how much more preparation you need and how many marks you are likely to score.

You have to keep in mind that you have to maintain a regular pace over time and take special care of accuracy.

Some strategies for SBI PO Exam.

• After reading thoroughly about all the points, now you need to make a strategy.

• Make a list of the topics in which you are weak and do not spend much time on any one question.

• Keep some things in mind while giving the exam, which we will tell you in the next article.

• If you take our given information very well, then it will help you a lot to clear the exam.

How to crack SBI PO exam in first stage.

Try to know the previous sbi.po exam trends and check the previous session questions and cutoff thoroughly.

After understanding the important topics of SBI PO Syllabus, now you have to choose which chapters are fundamental and worth working on.

After knowing about the important chapters, now you should also move towards those topics which are a bit difficult and you should try to solve their difficult questions as well.

When you know that you have covered 80% of the syllabus, then you will need to take mock tests.

Always pay attention to your weak areas and try to strengthen them.

Always pay attention to your weak areas and try to strengthen them.

If you focus on your goal and give equal time to all the subjects then you will be able to clear sbi po exam very soon.


best preparation strategy for sbi po quora

Q – How do I prepare myself for SBI PO exam through coaching?

  • Focus on your GK.
  • Collect knowledge from everywhere.
  • You can use jio mag to improve your English.
  • Try to solve CAT level question papers.
  • For Quantitative Aptitude, you can use Quantum CAT written by Sarvesh Verma.
  • You don’t need to solve all the chapters just complete three to four chapters

You can use many things like bankersadda, oliveboard board, grade up and test series and many more.

If you follow my advice, then you should not worry too much about SBI PO exam, you should focus on your studies only and immediately. Just create a good image about SBI in your mind and keep that topic up

Q – How did you prepare for SBI PO?

Ans – Be it any type of competitive exam, be it UPSC IBPS LIC or any other type, prelims are for screening and sorting. But in real sense, break men’s

First of all, today we will try to understand the difference between preliminary exam and main exam.

Prelims exam is a starting point, after that marathon is the main exam in real sense, which is not an easy task to complete, you have to take everything carefully and work hard for everything.

Some resources for preparation. read carefully

1- In SBI PO exam, straight type questions are not asked, you are asked some roundabout questions.

2- Now the intent of the questions is different. We have to catch the destruction of the section which is weak and we have to master it.

3- You have to make arrangements to set new pattern, you have to keep information about things like coding shillong new titan import audit disparity etc.

4- If I talk about my source, then you should not pay much attention to online studies, you can see Ankush sir’s playlist.

5- They have solved very well the types of questions in their play list also and you can see their play list.

6- You solve all types of questions and do not pay attention to all types of sources, trust only one source and focus on it.

Q- As a successful candidate how did you prepare for SBI or IBPS PO.

I will share my experience with you that how I cleared SBI PO exam in my very first attempt.

You have to take special care that you need to give more time for preliminary exam because after that you will be given 1 month for mains exam and if we talk about interview

I hope my answer will help you.

The only key to crack the banking exam is hard work. I will separate the preparation for both Mains and Prelims.

Q- How to prepare for SBI PO preliminary exam.

  • There is a great need for you to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • You need to increase your speed in some reasoning questions.
  • In maths you can solve questions like simplification every day
  • And remember questions like square, cube.
  • You have to take special care of your time table with the help of which you will work.

You give mock test daily so that your work will become even easier and you can easily clear prelims paper.

Q- How to prepare for SBI PO Mains Exam

After clearing the prelims exam now it is sure that you have cleared the concepts now all you have to do is prepare for GS.

You prepare current affairs from different sources, different types of magazines and monthly pdf and if I talk about myself, I used to prepare for current affairs cloud.

Some important topics for Static GK.

Some important books and their authors names, bank headquarters and their taglines, names of chief ministers and governors, important days and their subjects, latest appointments in banks, new policies and schemes.

For mains exam you can pay special attention to above topics and easily solve your mains exam.

Q- How can we prepare for SBI Bank PO Exam?

You know that State Bank of India is such a name that attracts the attention of many people. And you can imagine how much competition there must have been for this 1 seat. but you have all these

• We will tell you all the do’s and don’ts for SBI PO preparation.

• Because of your advice, I should not take admission in any online or offline class.

• You can download any online platform like youtube etc. But don’t trust blindly and don’t listen to everyone’s words.

• You don’t have to collect papers from inside like old times.

• And you don’t even have to keep the book open while sitting at one place like other devotees. Because banking has evolved and the student is still stuck in the books.

• And to you those telegram channels in which blind devotion is going on nowadays. You don’t have to join them immediately, you take steps only after thinking and searching.

You will not get success in one night, you will have to spend many nights for this and you will not get any such panacea method or any such tips so that you will pass the paper immediately.

You have to take special care of these things.
  • Try to understand the exam both inside and out.
  • First of all you have to buy test series.
  • You can make a plan or plan.
  • When you are here you have understood what is being asked from you in the exam.
  • Then you work hard on this fact.

Q- How to prepare for SBI PO exam.

All the candidates should know about the following facts.

  • You have to keep revising the important topics of each section.
  • You have to give equal time to each section.
  • Try to solve as many questions as possible in the time given to you.
  • Focus your attention and try to score good marks.
  • Revise all the subjects equally.
  • Try to take mock tests everyday a few days before the exam.

Q- What is the sbi po exam pattern of preliminary and mains exam.

Ans- The preliminary exam consists of objective type questions from subjects like English Language, Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude. In this test you will be given both descriptive and business type questions.

Q- Whether the descriptive paper of SBI PO is conducted online or offline.

Ans- Yes the descriptive paper is conducted through online mode. Which is of 50 marks, candidates are not allowed to use keyboard, they have to type answers with the help of mouse.

Q- What type of questions are asked in SBI PO Descriptive paper.

Ans – The descriptive paper consists of two questions and carries a total of 50 marks. In this paper you are asked essay writing, letter writing etc. This shows your writing skills and knowledge of En

Q What is the ideal preparation time for SBI PO preparation.

Ans – The ideal time duration for SBI PO preparation is considered to be 1 year. If we say according to statistics then some candidates have cleared the paper even in 4 months. is it up to you

Q Can I prepare for sbi po exam without coaching

Ans – Yes or it depends on you how you prepare for the exam you have to be serious for the exam and you have to keep preparing day and night and gather proper information for your preparation

Q- Is it possible to track sbi po exam in first attempt.

Ans – Yes, many people have already passed the sbi po exam in the first stage and for this they worked very hard, you can also do the same.

Q- What is the main topic for Data Interpretation section of SBI PO Exam.

And – In this section of SBI PO Exam you will be covered with Data Sufficiency Staff and Combination Tabular Graph and Cashlets. All the candidates can refer to the previous year questions to solve the questions on Data Interpretation.

Q- What is the main topic for Reasoning Section in SBI PO Exam.

And – In this section you will come across Blood Relation, Seating Arrangement, Coding & Recording, Verbal Reasoning Syllogism, etc. All the candidates can easily solve those questions from previous year question papers.

Q- What is the main topic for English Language section in SBI PO Exam.

Ans – In this section of SBI PO exam, you are asked questions on Parajumbles, Fill in the Blank, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar etc. To master you in the Mata section. english village

What is the main topic for General Awareness in SBI PO?

Ans – Questions of Static Awareness, Financial Awareness, Current Awareness, etc. are asked in General Awareness. General Awareness comes in the main exam, for this you need to cover the current affairs of the last 6 months.

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