Sherry Shriner Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Pics, Opportunist

Sherry Shriner Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Pics, Opportunist

Sherry Shriner Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Pics, Opportunist -: In the world of unconventional beliefs and spiritual exploration, Sherry Shriner’s name stands out. She was an intriguing figure who captured the imagination of many, and her life was marked by a unique journey that took her from ordinary beginnings to extraordinary spiritual pursuits.

Sherry Shriner Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Pics, Opportunist
Sherry Shriner Wiki, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Pics, Opportunist
Born1965, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
EducationKent State University
CareerSpiritualist and Author
Notable Work‘Interview’ – Conversations with Lucifer
ControversyAccusations and Expulsion of Steve Mineo
DeathJanuary 28, 2021 (age 55) – Heart Attack
LegacyPosthumous fame and ongoing interest in her beliefs

Sherry Shriner Early Life and Education

Sherry Shriner was born in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Her life story is a testament to the fact that ordinary people can lead extraordinary lives. Growing up in Cleveland, Sherry embarked on a path of learning that would eventually lead her to the heart of unconventional spirituality.

Contrary to what many might assume, Sherry received a formal education. She attended Kent State University, where she pursued degrees in Journalism, Political Science, and Criminal Justice. This foundation would play a crucial role in shaping her future endeavors.

Sherry Shriner Unique Career in Spirituality

Sherry Shriner’s journey into the world of spirituality was nothing short of remarkable. She claimed to be a messenger of God and was known for her unconventional beliefs, particularly her belief in the existence of reptilian aliens and her association with the devil. Her spiritual journey was marked by conversations with the devil himself, which, over time, turned from friendship to enmity.

One of the most significant milestones in Sherry Shriner’s career was her book titled ‘Interview.’ In this controversial work, she detailed her conversations with Lucifer, whom she addressed as the devil. The book delved into the spiritual realm, Lucifer’s role in it, and his alleged plans for the United States Government.

Sherry Shriner’s fight against Lucifer extended beyond the written word. She organized seminars and authored books to educate people about the spiritual world and how Lucifer could manipulate it. She took her teachings to social media, where she continued to shed light on the spiritual aspects of life until her passing.

Sherry Shriner Personal Life and Controversy

Sherry Shriner’s life was not without controversy. On January 28, 2021, news of her passing was announced, and the cause of death was reported as a heart attack. Her death left many people intrigued and curious about the legacy she had left behind.

One particularly contentious incident involving Sherry Shriner was her connection to the death of Steve Mineo in 2017. Steve Mineo and his girlfriend, Barbara Rogers, were core members of the Alien Reptile Cult, an organization associated with Sherry Shriner’s beliefs. According to reports, Sherry accused them of being aliens and subsequently expelled them from the group. This accusation and expulsion reportedly led to a tragic event where Barbara Rogers shot Steve Mineo, leading to his death.

Barbara Rogers claimed that Steve Mineo had instructed her to shoot him in the head, and she obeyed, under the influence of Sherry Shriner. This shocking incident added to the intrigue surrounding Sherry Shriner’s life and beliefs.

Legacy and Posthumous Fame

Sherry Shriner’s fame took an unusual turn after her death in January 2021. Her life and beliefs continued to capture public interest, and her unconventional spiritual journey remained a topic of conversation. While her views and actions were often met with skepticism and controversy during her lifetime, they continue to be discussed and analyzed even after her passing.


In conclusion, Sherry Shriner was a unique individual who left a lasting mark on the world of unconventional spirituality. Her life’s journey, marked by her beliefs, conversations with the devil, and her influence on others, continues to be a subject of fascination and debate. Whether you view her as an opportunist or a true believer, Sherry Shriner’s life story serves as a testament to the diverse and fascinating spectrum of human experiences.


Who was Sherry Shriner?

Sherry Shriner was an American author and spiritualist known for her unconventional beliefs and teachings about the spiritual world.

What was Sherry Shriner’s age at the time of her death?

Sherry Shriner passed away on January 28, 2021, at the age of 55.

Why is Sherry Shriner sometimes referred to as an “opportunist”?

Sherry Shriner’s unconventional beliefs and controversial claims led some individuals to view her as an opportunist. Critics argue that she used her beliefs and teachings to gain attention and followers.

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