Shilo Sanders Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Stats, NFL Draft, Projection, Net Worth, Education

Shilo Sanders Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Stats, NFL Draft, Projection, Net Worth, Education

Shilo Sanders Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Stats, NFL Draft, Projection, Net Worth, Education -: In the world of college football, there’s a name that’s been gaining increasing attention – Shilo Sanders. Born on February 9, 2000, in Canton, Texas, Shilo is the son of the legendary NFL player, Deion Sanders, who captured the hearts of football fans during his 14-season career and clinched two Super Bowl victories. Shilo is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps as a defensive back but is also making a name for himself as a leader and playmaker for the Colorado Buffaloes.

Shilo Sanders Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Stats, NFL Draft, Projection, Net Worth, Education
Shilo Sanders Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Stats, NFL Draft, Projection, Net Worth, Education

Shilo Sanders Bio

NameShilo Sanders
TeamColorado Buffaloes
Weight195 lbs
ParentsDeion Sanders, Pilar Sanders
Siblings Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders Jr., Deiondra Sanders, Shelomi Sanders
BirthdateFebruary 9, 2000
BirthplaceCanton, TX
High SchoolTrinity Christian School (Cedar Hill, TX)
Previous CollegeJackson State University

Shilo Sanders Early Life and Education

Shilo Sanders’ early life was steeped in sports and entertainment. His father, Deion Sanders, was a dual-sport superstar who dominated the NFL for 14 seasons and also shone in MLB for nine seasons. Deion claimed two Super Bowl victories, earned eight Pro Bowl selections, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011. His flamboyant style earned him the nickname “Prime Time,” and he even pursued a successful rap career.

Shilo inherited his father’s athletic genes and love for music. He began playing football at a young age and received coaching from his father during his time at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas. He also pursued a musical career as a rapper, performing under the stage name “Bossman Prime.”

However, Shilo’s early life also saw its share of challenges and controversies. His parents, Deion and Pilar Biggers-Sanders divorced in 2011 following a highly publicized and contentious custody battle over Shilo and his siblings. The divorce involved allegations of abuse and defamation from Pilar and claims of parental unfitness from Deion.

Shilo took his father’s side during the legal proceedings and testified against his mother in court. In June 2020, he faced legal troubles of his own when he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Despite these challenges, Shilo expressed remorse for his actions and pledged to learn from his mistakes.

Shilo Sanders Bio

Shilo Sanders Physical Attributes and Style

Standing at a solid 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weighing in at 195 pounds (88.5 kilograms), Shilo Sanders boasts a robust and athletic build. He’s known for his black hair, brown eyes, and several tattoos adorning his arms, chest, and back. Some of these tattoos are dedicated to his father, his faith, and his love for music. His style includes casual and trendy attire – hoodies, jeans, sneakers, and hats – often with his father’s iconic number 21 emblazoned on his jerseys or accessories. Not to mention, Shilo adds an edgy touch with his earrings and a nose ring.

Shilo Sanders Family Background

Shilo Sanders is the second son of Deion Sanders and Pilar Biggers-Sanders. Deion Sanders, a legendary figure in the sports world, achieved remarkable success in both football and baseball. His football career included stints with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Ravens, resulting in two Super Bowl victories, eight Pro Bowl selections, and two NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards. Deion also ventured into baseball, playing for teams such as the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco Giants, making a World Series appearance in 1992.

Beyond sports, Deion Sanders was renowned for his extravagant personality and style, earning him the moniker “Prime Time.” He ventured into the world of rap music under the alias “Prime Time” and released an album titled “Prime Time” in 1994. His presence extended to television shows, commercials, and reality programs, further solidifying his status as a pop culture icon.

In December 2022, Deion Sanders assumed the role of head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes football team, following his successful coaching tenure at Jackson State. Notably, his other son, Shedeur Sanders, also transferred to Colorado to play as a quarterback alongside Shilo, strengthening the family’s connection to the Buffaloes.

Pilar Biggers-Sanders, Shilo’s mother, is a former model and actress with a birthplace in Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. Her heritage includes African-American and Filipino roots. Pilar embarked on her modeling career at the age of 13, gracing the pages of various magazines such as Essence, Ebony, Jet, Black Men’s Magazine, King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and XXL Magazine. She also participated in beauty pageants, notably competing in Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA 1998.

From Jackson State to Colorado: A College Journey

Shilo Sanders embarked on his college football journey at Jackson State University, playing under the guidance of his father, who was the head coach. During his two seasons with the Tigers, he left his mark, accumulating five interceptions, 12 pass breakups, and 59 tackles. In 2022, he earned the prestigious All-Southwestern Athletic Conference honors.

However, after his sophomore year, Shilo decided to seek a new challenge and a higher level of competition. His journey led him to transfer to the University of Colorado in 2023. Joining the Buffaloes as a junior, he quickly secured the starting safety position in fall camp and emerged as a prominent leader in the secondary.

Shilo Sanders

Shilo Sanders Breakout Season and Rising Star

The 2023 season became Shilo Sanders’ breakout moment. His contributions were instrumental in the Colorado Buffaloes’ impressive 10-2 record and their capture of the Pac-12 South division title. Shilo led the team with four interceptions, including a memorable touchdown return against UCLA. His stats also featured 32 tackles, three pass breakups, and a forced fumble.

Recognizing his remarkable season, Shilo earned a spot on the All-Pac-12 first team and stood as a semifinalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, an honor bestowed upon the nation’s best defensive back. His coaches and teammates praised not only his on-field prowess but also his work ethic, positive attitude, and leadership.

Colorado head coach Karl Dorrell expressed, “He’s a great player, but he’s also a great person. He’s always positive, always encouraging, always trying to get better. He’s a joy to coach and a joy to be around.” Fellow safety Isaiah Lewis added, “He’s like a big brother to me. He’s always giving me advice, always pushing me, always making me laugh. He’s a great leader and a great friend.”

Shilo Sanders Future Prospects and NFL Aspirations

Shilo Sanders has one more year of college eligibility remaining at Colorado, yet the possibility of declaring for the NFL draft looms. With his imposing 6-foot, 195-pound frame, impressive speed, and honed skills, Shilo is a prospect to watch at the next level. His pedigree and the unwavering confidence of his father, Deion Sanders, who believes his son can surpass even his own NFL achievements, add to the excitement surrounding his future.

“I’m proud of him, but I’m not surprised by him,” Deion Sanders affirmed. “He has everything it takes to be a star in this game. He has the talent, the intelligence, the work ethic, the passion. He has me in his corner, too. I’m always there for him, always supporting him, always coaching him. He’s my son, but he’s also my student. And he’s learning fast.”

Shilo Sanders Personal Life and Relationships

Shilo Sanders Personal Life and Relationships

Shilo Sanders has kept his personal life largely private, especially regarding his romantic relationships. He has not publicly confirmed whether he is in a relationship or not. He has refrained from sharing pictures or videos with a romantic partner on social media.

However, on Twitter, he has expressed admiration for some female celebrities such as Zendaya and Megan Thee Stallion. In the past, he has been linked to individuals like Nia Riley from Love & Hip Hop and Instagram model Jilly Anais, though neither of these relationships was officially confirmed.

Shilo Sanders Personal Insights

In the world of college football, Shilo Sanders is a rising star who carries the legacy of his father, Deion Sanders, while forging his own path to greatness. His journey from Jackson State to Colorado has been marked by determination and success, with his 2023 season standing as a breakout moment. As he contemplates his future in the NFL, Shilo possesses the potential to make a significant impact.

Beyond the gridiron, Shilo’s early life was colored by the complex dynamics of his parents’ highly publicized divorce. However, he emerged resilient, standing by his father during the legal battles. His personal life remains private, and he has refrained from sharing details about his relationships.

Shilo Sanders NFL Draft and Future Outlook

As of his junior year in college, Shilo Sanders is eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft after completing five seasons of college football. While he has not officially declared his intentions regarding the draft, Shilo possesses the potential to be a formidable safety at the next level. However, several factors may influence his draft prospects.

One factor is the level of competition he has faced in college. Shilo played primarily in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) and the Pac-12, which are not considered as strong as other conferences like the SEC or the Big Ten. Additionally, Shilo has areas in his game that require improvement, including technique, consistency, and discipline. He occasionally takes poor angles, misses tackles, or commits penalties. Moreover, his off-field history, including the DUI arrest and involvement in his parent’s divorce, raises questions.

According to research conducted by, Shilo Sanders is currently projected as a late-round pick or an undrafted free agent in the 2024 NFL Draft. To enhance his draft stock, Shilo will need to excel in his senior season at Colorado, impress scouts at the NFL Combine and Pro Day, and demonstrate his ability to thrive in the NFL spotlight while forging his own unique path.

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As Shilo Sanders navigates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, he continues to make headlines and inspire those who follow his journey. Whether it’s on the football field, in the realm of music, or as part of the Sanders family legacy, Shilo is a name to watch. The NFL Draft may open new doors, but one thing is sure – Shilo Sanders is on a path to carve his own unique legacy in the world of sports and beyond.


How old is Shilo Sanders?

Shilo Sanders is 23 years old as of 2023.

What year is Shilo Sanders?

Shilo Sanders is in his senior year in college in 2023.

What rank is Shilo Sanders?

The rank of Shilo Sanders in terms of NFL Draft projections is currently as a late-round pick or possibly an undrafted free agent.

Is Shilo Sanders going to the NFL?

Shilo Sanders is eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft, but his decision to enter the draft is not confirmed yet.

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