Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding -: Love is a beautiful thing, and when two souls find their way to each other, it’s a cause for celebration. That’s exactly what happened when actress KJ Smith and actor Skyh Alvester Black tied the knot in a stunning wedding ceremony. Their love story is one for the books, and their wedding day was a dream come true.

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding
Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

A Magical Day

On September 3rd, under the California sun, KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black became husband and wife. The setting? The breathtaking Malibu Dream Resort. The couple had been planning this day for over a year, and it was nothing short of perfect. With 150 of their closest family and friends in attendance, it was a star-studded affair filled with love and joy.

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

The Black Experience

KJ and Skyh wanted their wedding to be a reflection of their shared culture, and what better way to do that than by infusing elements of their Black heritage into the celebration? The couple’s last name is “Black,” and they use it as a clever play on words throughout the event. They also paid homage to their ancestors by incorporating traditions from the South that have been passed down through generations.

Their wedding ceremony was a grand celebration, with friends, family, and loved ones all dressed in elegant black attire. It was a way for them to share their love and happiness with those closest to their hearts. Among the notable guests were Eva Marcille, Loni Love, Lil Rel Howery, and Sistas executive producer Tyler Perry.

The Style

KJ Smith looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day. For the cliffside ceremony, she wore a custom Alonuko gown designed by Oluwagbemisola Okunlola. Throughout the evening, she had three more wardrobe changes, each one more stunning than the last. The couple made it a point to support Black designers, showcasing the incredible talent within their culture.

Skyh Black, not to be outdone in the fashion department, chose an expertly tailored all-white shirtless ensemble designed by Brandon Gray of Grayscale for his ceremony look. He emphasized the importance of fashion for grooms, stating that he’s not afraid to express his sense of style. His choice was unconventional but perfectly suited to his personality and the occasion.

A Love Story

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

Their love story began in a way that’s almost like a movie script. KJ and Skyh had their first encounter at an airport, and it was far from ordinary. KJ introduced herself by sticking an iPad in Skyh’s face, asking who he was and why he was at the show because she was video-blogging. It was a unique start to a beautiful journey.

They started dating in January of 2021 and, by December of the same year, they were engaged. Their love blossomed, and their connection was strong. Tyler Perry, who was a guest at their wedding, played a special role in their journey, as he had given them their first big breaks in Hollywood.

Honoring Tradition

During the wedding ceremony, officiated by Pastor Aventor Gray, KJ, and Skyh exchanged heartfelt handwritten vows. They also took a moment to honor their shared roots by jumping the broom, a tradition with deep historical significance in the Black community. This tradition holds a special place in their hearts as a symbol of the legacy their ancestors left for them.

Skyh Black expressed how he learned about the history behind various wedding traditions, particularly the significance of jumping the broom, and it resonated with him deeply. It was a beautiful way for them to connect with their heritage on this special day.

Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith Wedding

The Unconventional Party

While they incorporated many traditions into their wedding, KJ and Skyh decided to break from convention in some aspects. Instead of a formal seated dinner, they opted for a lively party. The festivities began with the couple’s performance of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyonce’s song “Lift Off.” It set the tone for a night filled with fun and excitement.

Guests enjoyed elevated Southern cuisine and drinks by Chef Shanita Castle of Castle’s Catering and Lady on the Rocks. Even the wedding cake took an unconventional turn, as they chose a mixed berry pie created by Chef Natasha Burton of Mixed Fillings. It was a celebration of love, culture, and the joy of being together.

A Night to Remember

Throughout the night, there was laughter, tears, and dancing. KJ and Skyh held hands, never wanting to let go of each other’s presence. In a venue where it’s easy to get lost, they chose to spend every moment together. For KJ, it was a simple rule: to be by each other’s side. It was the beginning of their legacy, and they wanted these memories to last a lifetime.

Skyh Black summed it up perfectly, saying, “I wanted to get lost in my bride because this was the beginning of our legacy, and I wanted those memories to last until my last day on earth.” Their wedding day was a testament to their love, their culture, and the joy of sharing it all with the people who mean the most to them. It was truly a day to remember.

In the end, Skyh Alvester Black and KJ Smith’s wedding was not just a celebration of their love; it was a celebration of their heritage and the bonds that bring us all together. It serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries and that when two hearts find each other, magic happens.


Did KJ Smith get married?

Yes, KJ Smith got married to Skyh Alvester Black.

Is KJ Smith and SKYH married?

Yes, KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black are married.

How did KJ Smith and SKYH meet?

KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black first met at an airport, where KJ introduced herself to Skyh while she was video-blogging. They started dating in January of 2021 and got engaged in December of the same year.

How tall is actress KJ Smith?

Actress KJ Smith height is 1.63 Meters.

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