Sonali Bendre and Abhishek Bachchan relationship

Sonali Bendre and Abhishek Bachchan relationship

Sonali Bendre and Abhishek Bachchan relationship – Abhishek Bachchan revealed their relationship, saying he was pleased to have paired Sonali Bendre and her husband Goldie Behl. ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ will include Abhishek in a forthcoming episode. One of the episode’s highlights will be the endearing banter between Abhishek and Sonali, two longtime friends.

What is the relationship between Sonali Bendre and Abhishek Bachchan?

Actor Abhishek Bachchan revealed details about their friendship, including how he was instrumental in bringing together Sonali Bendre and her husband Goldie Behl. In the forthcoming episode of the dance reality series “India’s Best Dancer 3,” Abhishek will grace the stage. The hilarious dialogue between Abhishek and Sonali, two longtime friends, will be one of the episode’s highlights.

Abhishek recalled the time he played the “kabab mai haddi” matchmaker between Sonali and director Goldie Behl.

Abhishek joked on recalling this memory, “My Bhabhi Sonali is seated next to me. I selected Goldie as her husband for her. I’d like to take credit for this because we are really close friends. I was a maid who made kababs. Although I wasn’t their official Cupid, I used to speak with Goldie while he was filming the Sonali Bendre-starring movie “Angaaray.”

I believe that was their first encounter, and at the time, Goldie used to talk to me and compliment Sonali on her kindness, said Abhishek. Sonali agreed, stating, “Yes, Abhishek has been a significant part of our love story. Abhishek was like this nice person during “Major Saab,” taking such good care of us that we had a great time.

Goldie, who is well-known for the films “Drona” and “Rejctx,” wed Sonali Bendre on November 12, 2002. Ranveer Behl, their son, was born on August 11th, 2005. Abhishek also warmly reminisced about his early days in the business and related how Sonali and Ajay Devgn’s prank on him during the filming of “Major Saab” put him in tears.

“Mr. Amitabh Bachchan worked on the movie Major Saab. We grew close since Sonali was the main character at the time. They used to intimidate Sonali, Ajay, and myself, he said.

“Once, while we were filming in Australia, everyone suggested that because tomorrow is a holiday, we should to a movie. They didn’t show up outside where I was waiting for them after taking the tickets. They were joking while seated at the hotel and asking how the movie was. And because I was short on cash at the time, I joked that I could try to hawk the tickets on the streets of Australia.

India’s Best Dancer 3 will celebrate the 76th Independence Day this weekend with a patriotic dance tribute in the “Azaadi Ki Kahani” special featuring the participants and their choreographers. Saiyami Kher, an actress, will also be present. Mahalaxmi Iyer, Kavita Seth, Shaan, Bikram Ghosh, and Hariharan will also be welcomed to the show to promote their new single, “Yeh Desh.”

The outstanding candidates and their choreographers will explore the lives of our revered and illustrious leaders who were crucial in bringing about the revolution and change in this episode, taking viewers on a moving journey through history. In addition to his co-star Saiyami Kher, Abhishek Bachchan is here to celebrate Independence Day with the cast of India’s Best Dancer.

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