Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth -: Bill Cosby’s accuser Stacey Pinkerton is suing the comedian in court for what she alleges was a sexual assault while he was appearing on “The Cosby Show,” but Cosby’s legal team believes it’s a money-grabbing plot.

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show
Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show

Bill Cosby filed a lawsuit against you after you sexually attacked me in 1986.

According to the lawsuit acquired by TMZ, Stacey alleges that Bill sexually assaulted her in 1986 when she was about 21 years old and that she believes he used his status as a “Cosby Show” star to groom her.

Stacey states that when they first met in 1986, Bill invited her to New York to participate in the well-known NBC series. She claims that although she worked as a flight attendant and model then, Bill promised to enhance her career.

In the documents, Stacey asserts that she agreed to spend time with Bill in New York on the mistaken belief that Cosby intended to support her modeling and acting aspirations. She claims he had other plans, though.

Stacey claims Bill drove her to the “Cosby Show” studio in New York, where they shot one episode, even though she wasn’t included in the final cut. She alleges that he used deception to gain her trust by paying for her hotel accommodations and giving her money.

Stacey thinks Bill arranged for them to reconnect in 1986, this time in Chicago, under the guise of helping her advance her profession. She alleges that he drugged her dinner before escorting her to a suite at the Drake Hotel, where he assaulted her sexually and forced her to have sex.

Stacey contends that after the incident, he used his position to silence her because she was unable to consent due to her physical weakness.

In the case, Stacey asserts that Bill’s agents called her in September 1986 and invited her to a comedy show. Then, she says, she confronted him.

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth
Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth

Bill allegedly approached Stacey after the performance and gave her a powerful kiss and an unwelcome butt pat. She asserts that the venue ejected her after she yelled. She accuses Cosby of sexual battery and is suing him for financial compensation.

According to Bill’s lawyer Andrew Wyatt, Ms. Pinkerton joined Ms. Allred’s alleged accusers because she doesn’t want to accept that comedian and actor Bill Cosby was exonerated by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court about a year and a half ago. The United States may now clearly see what we have been saying for a long time: this isn’t about providing justice for alleged victims of sexual assault; it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. We are confident that Mr. Cosby will be exonerated of these alleged claims by the legal system and the court of public opinion. Mr. Cosby continues to vehemently deny all charges brought against him and is eager to vigorously defend himself in court.

An Account of a Cosby Survivor’s Voice-Finding and Why She Won’t Stop Using It

Since Pennsylvania law forbade them from testifying in court about the lifetime impact of being drugged and sexually assaulted, she was one of eight Cosby victims who gave testimony at a following news conference. Stacey was the only one of the eight who had never before revealed her identity in public.

That day, she said just that he had drugged and molested her in 1986, leaving a permanent scar. She observed that these things “remain with you forever, no matter what.” It affects both your trust and well-being. I attempted to ignore it and went on. The 32 years of suffering I endured came to an end this week.

We finally became Facebook friends, but I never got in touch with her to set up a second interview. (I covered the second trial and sentencing for the Daily Beast.) Because I am aware of the strength needed to speak out against somebody as respected and powerful as Bill Cosby, I could see she was still a little feeble. I was interested to hear how she was received because, unlike victims of other violent crimes, sexual assault victims usually experience reprisals after coming out.

As I was doing the last edits on my book CHASING COSBY in late December 2018, Stacey contacted me to see if I would be prepared to participate in her radio show. She wanted to share her personal experience, so I asked if she was okay with my including her tale in my book. After some consideration, she made a decision in favor of it. Thankfully, despite the fact that I had already missed the original deadline (I had to write it in two months! ), my editor gave me the okay to put Stacey in the epilogue.

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth
Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show, Net Worth

Like the stories of so many of the women Cosby preyed upon, hers was terrifying and heartbreaking.

Stacey was a flight attendant and 21 years old when she first met Cosby. She had taken a limo ride with Cam Cooper, one of Cosby’s workers, from her hotel to the airport at the suggestion of the hotel management. He spoke to her for a moment in the car and then introduced her to Cosby who was seated in first class. She received a kind welcome from Cosby, who then asked whether she was a model. For her, he even played the spoons. She claimed to be a customer of an agency even though she wasn’t He promised to help her with her work, but she had to go to New York.

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