student abc id : how to make student abc id ?

Official Notice : H.N.B Garhwal University Campus Badshahithol, Tehri Garhwal.

important information

dated 13/12/2022

Picsart 23 03 03 22 22 22 959

All the students / students taking admission in the session 2021-22 are informed that the students / students who want to take advantage of under Academic Bank of Credits (ABC), they can go to St.

Along with receiving the form immediately, all the departmental heads/teachers of the campus are also expected to make the above information available through themselves. Sl.No. Student Name Mobile Email ID Aadhaar Name

How to make students abc I’d for all colleges

Hello friends, welcome to so friend, I already told you that you have to create ABC account and it is mandatory to fill this form. This is a must for every hnbgu or degree college student

So what documents will you need to fill this form, and how to fill the form? Shall I explain this one to you in full detail? There is a very simple solution, very easily you can feel this form.

You must have Aadhaar Card, must have date of birth, must have mobile number, which must be linked to Aadhaar Card, must be registered. If this doesn’t work then there is another option

How to make students abc I’d for University students

follow these steps:-

  1. Here a page will open in front of you.
  2. After this page opens, you will see corner sign up on pay page here.
  3. So there you have to click. As soon as you click on sign up you will be asked for details you have to enter Aadhaar card number, mobile number and six digit pin.
  4. And you have to click on scientific sign in, your account will open,
  5. The second option of DG Locker is your username, your username, you remember your future name.

Okay, I deposit six digits and whatever, your account is opened.

how to make students abc id digilocker

Ok, now what you have to do, here if you have forgotten your ID card, ie you do not remember, then you will click on forget, your date of birth will be asked.

  • You will be asked for mobile number, you will enter, you will get back the password.
  • In this case, an OTP will come to you as soon as you do it.
  • This OTP has to be entered here to verify, because you will submit by entering OTP.
  • Your DigiLocker will be fully unlocked. hence. And as soon as the DG Locker opens, you will see the A B C card here.
  • You will not even see this CID card. Then you have to go to search and search in the search box.
  • Go here and search ABC ID card, you have to go to the search box and search by doing ABC ID card. Like you will search ABCID card
  • Here you have to enter your name, date of birth, email address.
  • Here you have to click and click on a document.

Because of the documents here you will get it soon. You will get your here, after that you will get your academic bank id card like this. You should do is to take ID card.

how to make students abc id hnbguedrp

And you have to submit to a college. As soon as you submit it to the college, you will get the further processor documents from the college. Have to inquire. Whatever the name will be depending on you.

follow these steps –

  1. Enter email id and aadhaar card number.
  2. After entering the details, you have to submit.
  3. as you submit. You will receive an OTP which will come to you.
  4. Your mobile number will remain the same as registered.
  5. What will you do with that, an OTP will come, what do you have to do with that OTP?
  6. Go to the verify option on the display near you and enter that OTP. As you verify the OTP.
  7. ID will be created in the same way.

proccess of making abc student id card

You will deposit, your account will be ready on DG Locker. What do you have to do now? Sign up will come in digi locker where you signed up will be signed in you have to sign in

You can enter your aadhar card number or mobile number or you can enter your sir name whatever you remember or whatever is available with you and you have to enter six digits

This is going to show your dashboard. Then you will be issued a college id, that idea will issue you any further documents, you can proceed further. I think you can’t do another with this method

how to make students abc id card for University’s.

You can also click on Create Accounts. Or are you using a third in a second, it’s very simple. You have to click on this basic There you have to go to Pay Me Account, here you

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You have to go here. In student you will click here in my accounts. You will see University and Students then you have to click on Student. You clicked on it. directly it will open in dashboard

Here you have to enter OTP. Clicking on scanning will come back here Your Academic Bank Credit You have to login here. what do you want to do like this? You need to make these accounts yours