Sunny Deol and Esha Deol relationship

Sunny Deol and Esha Deol relationship

Sunny Deol and Esha Deol relationship – Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, Esha Deol’s stepbrothers, and she have a close relationship. She is adamant about keeping her relationship intact and out of the public eye, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. The children of Dharmendra (Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, and Esha Deol) were pressed for some juicy information, but they kept their mouths shut and never really discussed it. Esha did, however, clarify the nature of her connection with her stepbrothers.

Every year, Esha Deol said, she ties rakhis to her stepbrothers.

Beyond the Dreamgirl, Hema Malini’s book, mentions that Esha binds rakhi to Sunny and Bobby every year. She does not, however, want the world to be aware of it. Esha reportedly stated that she views her half-brother Sunny Deol as a “father figure,” according to a report by Jansatta. The actress, who doesn’t mince words, acknowledged that she is aware of how the public perceives their relationship.

The Deol family doesn’t think it’s appropriate to flaunt their connection, Esha continued. She described Sunny bhaiy as creative and decent. Esha, though, thinks Bobby Deol is a little reticent. The following is an excerpt from Hema Malini’s biography which can be read as:

“I don’t need to tell the world about the relationship between myself and my half-brothers. I know the world talks about our relationships in different ways. But the Deol family members do not want to show off their relationships. Sunny Bhaiya is very innovative and a very good person at heart too. I treat him like a father. Bobby bhaiyya’s behavior is also very good, but he is a bit reserved.”

Hema Malini

In 2012, when Sunny Deol failed to attend the wedding of his stepsister Esha Deol

Esha Deol has always had kind things to say about Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, and her stepbrother. Everyone believed that her half-brothers would attend her wedding in 2012 and dispel media perceptions of family tensions by showing up. Despite being the only brothers, Sunny and Bobby chose to skip the festivities. The ceremonies for Esha’s wedding, however, were carried out by their cousin brother, Abhay Deol.

According to rumors, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol chose not to attend the wedding so as not to offend their mother Prakash Kaur. But the Deol brothers made sure to bring Esha, their half-sister, gifts as a mark of their affection.

Despite being invited, Esha Deol declined to go to the wedding of Sunny Deol’s son, Karan Deol.

Everyone anticipated that at the wedding of Sunny Deol’s son, Karan Deol, they would finally appear together in a photograph. Esha was invited to the wedding festivities for Sunny’s son Karan, but it never materialized. Hema Malini didn’t receive the invitation, thus the actress made the decision not to go. According to a source in BollywoodLife, Esha also skipped the pre-wedding celebrations for Karan and Drisha.

Esha, however, expressed her wish for Karan Deol, her nephew. She posted an IG story in which she wished the newlyweds luck in their future. Her note might be understood as:

“Congratulations Karan and Drisha. Wishing you both a lifetime of togetherness and happiness.”

Esha Deol

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