Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife

Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife

Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife -: In the world of criminal cases, some stories manage to grab our attention and leave us both bewildered and curious. The case of Trevor Summers is one such story that has taken many unexpected turns. In this article, we’ll delve into Trevor Summers’ background, occupation, legal appeal, and personal life, including his parents and wife.

Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife
Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife

Early Life and Family Background

Trevor Summers was born on an unspecified date, and details about his early life and family background are limited. His parents and upbringing are not widely known, as Summers has mostly remained out of the public eye until his legal troubles came to light.

Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife

Occupation and Career

While information about Trevor Summers’ occupation and career is not extensively documented, his life took a dramatic turn when he found himself at the center of a criminal case. Summers faced charges related to the alleged kidnapping, sexual assault, and attempted murder of his estranged wife, Alisa Mathewson, in March 2017.

The Legal Battle

Trevor Summers’ legal battle became a notable case in the Tampa area, where he was accused of breaking into his ex-wife’s home and holding her captive for two days. Prosecutors alleged that Summers used Christmas lights and rope to restrain Mathewson, subjecting her to sexual assault during her captivity.

During the trial, the courtroom drama escalated when Summers decided to represent himself and cross-examine his ex-wife. This unusual move led to emotional and intense exchanges between the two parties, with Mathewson accusing Summers of rape and detailing the traumatic experiences she endured during her captivity.

Summers’ defense attorney had argued that the prosecution’s case was based on a “theory of what happened” and that there were inconsistencies in the evidence presented. However, Summers’ decision to represent himself added a unique dimension to the trial.

Ultimately, a Tampa jury found Trevor Summers guilty of several charges, including attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual battery. He was convicted and sentenced to a term in prison.

Appeal and Legal Proceedings

After his conviction, Trevor Summers initiated an appeal process to challenge the verdict. The appeal aimed to review the legal aspects of the case and consider potential grounds for a new trial or revised sentencing.

Legal appeals are a common part of the justice system, allowing individuals convicted of crimes to seek a second evaluation of their case. It provides an opportunity to address any perceived errors or injustices that may have occurred during the trial process.

Personal Life and Relationships

Trevor Summers Wikipedia, Occupation, Appeal, Background, Parents, Wife

While Trevor Summers’ personal life has been primarily discussed in the context of his legal case, it’s important to remember that individuals involved in legal matters have personal lives beyond the courtroom. Summers’ marriage to Alisa Mathewson was marked by strife and ended in divorce, leading to the events that unfolded in 2017.


The story of Trevor Summers is a complex one, characterized by legal battles and emotional turmoil. While his early life and career remain largely unknown, his involvement in a high-profile criminal case captured the attention of the public and the media.


Who is Trevor Summers Florida?

Trevor Summers Florida refers to Trevor Summers, an individual associated with the state of Florida in the United States.

What is Alisa Mathewson’s maiden name?

Alisa Mathewson: The clock, it was a digital clock and it said exactly 3 a.m. I was startled awake. Alisa Mathewson, formerly Alisa Summers, will never forget the disorienting fear that began in the early morning hours of March 11, 2017. She was awakened in her pitch-black bedroom.

What happened to Alisa Mathewson husband?

Trevor Summers received three life sentences with an additional 224 years and is¬†currently serving time at the Okeechobee Correctional Institution. CBS 48 Hours further delves into Alisa Mathewson’s kidnapping and torture by her estranged husband in an episode titled Alisa Matthewson’s Night Terrors.

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