How Old is Tulsi Gabbard is She Married, Parents, Bikini, Wikipedia, Spouse, Legs, Partner Photo

How Old is Tulsi Gabbard is She Married, Parents, Bikini, Wikipedia, Spouse, Legs, Partner Photo

How Old is Tulsi Gabbard is She Married, Parents, Bikini, Wikipedia, Spouse, Legs, Partner Photo -: Tulsi Gabbard is a well-known name in American politics and military service. She’s not only recognized for her achievements but also for her unique background and personal life. In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of Tulsi Gabbard’s life, from her age and marital status to her family and accomplishments. So, let’s dive into the world of Tulsi Gabbard in simple and human-friendly language.

How Old is Tulsi Gabbard is She Married, Parents, Bikini, Wikipedia, Spouse, Legs, Partner Photo
How Old is Tulsi Gabbard is She Married, Parents, Bikini, Wikipedia, Spouse, Legs, Partner Photo

Tulsi Gabbard Bio

Full NameTulsi Gabbard
Date of BirthApril 12, 1981
Age42 years old
Place of BirthLeloaloa Maoputasi County
EducationHawaii Pacific University (BSBA)
ParentsMike Gabbard, Carol Porter
Marital StatusMarried to Abraham Williams
Previous MarriageEduardo Tamayo (2002-2006)
Religious BeliefsStrict follower of Gaudiya Vaishnavism
Tulsi Gabbard Bio

Tulsi Gabbard Age and Early Life

Tulsi Gabbard was born on April 12, 1981, which makes her 40 years old as of now. She was born in Leloaloa Maoputasi County. Tulsi comes from a diverse background, with both European and Samoan ancestry. She was the fourth child among five siblings in her family. Her parents, Carol and Mike Gabbard, moved to Hawaii in 1983, where she was raised in a multicultural household.

Tulsi Gabbard Educational Background

Tulsi Gabbard received her education at Hawaii Pacific University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). Interestingly, she was homeschooled during high school, except for two years.

Tulsi Gabbard Marriage and Family

Many people wonder about Tulsi Gabbard’s marital status. She was married to Eduardo Tamayo in 2002, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2006. The reason cited was the tremendous stress that war places on military spouses and families.

Tulsi Gabbard Marriage and Family

In 2015, Tulsi tied the knot again, this time with Abraham Williams, a freelance cinematographer and editor. Their marriage followed Hindu traditions. It’s worth mentioning that Abraham Williams is the son of her Honolulu Office manager. Tulsi Gabbard is a strict follower of Gaudiya Vaishnavism, and her marriage reflects her commitment to her faith.

Tulsi Gabbard Achievements and Controversies

Tulsi Gabbard has made history in American politics. She was the first Hindu member of Congress and the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress. She also ran as a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 US presidential election. Her unique background and strong principles have gained her both supporters and critics.

Tulsi Gabbard Political Career

Tulsi Gabbard’s political journey started when she was just 21 years old when she was elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives. She’s known for her strong principles and dedication to her constituents. From 2013 to 2016, she served as the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee. During that time, she made a significant decision by resigning from her position to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination.

Tulsi Gabbard Bio

Tulsi Gabbard Military Service

Tulsi’s commitment to serving her country is admirable. She enlisted in the Hawaii Army National Guard in April 2003, even while working in the Hawaii State Legislature. Her dedication led her to a 12-month tour in Iraq, where she served as a specialist with the Medical Company, 29th Support Battalion, and 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. In March 2007, she graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy, becoming a second lieutenant and joining the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion. Tulsi Gabbard’s accomplishments also include serving as an Army Military Police Officer and receiving an award of appreciation from the Kuwait National Guard, making her the first woman to achieve this honor.

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Tulsi Gabbard is an extraordinary individual who has dedicated her life to serving her country and constituents. Her journey from the military to politics is inspiring, and her commitment to her faith and values is evident in her personal life. At 40 years old, Tulsi has already achieved significant milestones and continues to make a mark in American politics. Whether you admire her for her achievements or have questions about her personal life, Tulsi Gabbard’s story is one that captures the essence of determination and dedication.


Is Tulsi Gabbard Hindu?

Yes, Tulsi Gabbard is a follower of Hinduism.

Is Tulsi Gabbard a lesbian?

Tulsi Gabbard has never publicly stated her sexual orientation. In 2012, a local newspaper in Hawaii ran a story about Gabbard’s marriage to Eduardo Tamayo, a Marine Corps officer. The couple divorced in 2015. In 2019, Gabbard married Abraham Williams, a cinematographer.

What is Tulsi Gabbard’s ethnicity?

Gabbard has both European and Samoan ancestry and was raised in a multicultural household. Her mother was born in Indiana and grew up in Michigan. Her father was born in American Samoa and lived in Hawaii and Florida as a child; he is of Samoan and European ancestry.

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