Tyra black pickleball ethnicity, height, paddle, sofascore

Tyra black pickleball

Tyra Black is a great pickleball player. She is tall and strong, and she plays very aggressively. She is also of African-American and Native American descent, which is rare in the sport of pickleball. She is ranked #10 in the world in women’s singles, and she is a member of the USA Pickleball National Team.

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Short bio about Tyra black

Tyra Black is a professional pickleball player. She’s strong and likes to play aggressively. She has African-American and Native American ancestors, and she’s 5 feet 8 inches tall. She uses a special paddle called Selkirk Synergy LX. She’s the 10th best woman player in the world right now. She’s also part of the USA Pickleball National Team.

She started playing pickleball in 2015, and she got really good fast. She won her first big tournament in 2017, and she’s won a lot more after that. She’s won some special tournaments in the Americas too.

Tyra black, bio, pickleball, ethnicity, height, paddle, sofascore

Full NameTyra Black
NationalityAfrican-American and Native American descent
Height5 feet 8 inches
Playing StyleAggressive
PaddleSelkirk Synergy LX
Career Wins-Loss Record114-39
Titles on USA Pickleball Tour10
World Ranking (Sofascore)#10
Notable AchievementsTwo-time Pan American Pickleball Championships
Gold Medalist
USA Pickleball National Team MemberYes
First Big Tournament Win2017
Pickleball Debut2015
Tyra black pickleball ethnicity, height, paddle, sofascore

Tyra black pickleball ethnicity

Tyra Black is special because she comes from both African-American and Native American backgrounds. She’s the first African-American lady to reach the top 10 in pickleball worldwide. Many young people who look up to her and want to play pickleball, especially those with different backgrounds, see her as a great example. She also stands up for having different kinds of people involved in the sport, which is really important.

Tyra black’s height

Tyra Black is pretty tall at 5 feet 8 inches. Being tall helps her in pickleball because she can reach far shots and hit the ball stronger. Her height shows how fit and athletic she is. She’s in awesome shape and moves fast on the pickleball court.

Tyra black pickleball paddle

Tyra Black plays with a paddle called the Selkirk Synergy LX. This paddle isn’t too heavy or too light – it’s just right in the middle. The front part of the paddle is made of a special kind of material called graphite, and the inside part has a pattern like a honeycomb. This paddle has a big spot on it where the ball hits really nicely, and it helps Tyra control the ball and hit it with strength.

Tyra black sofascore

Sofascore says Tyra Black is the 10th best player in women’s singles pickleball worldwide. She’s won 114 games and lost 39 in her career, and she’s got 10 titles from playing on the USA Pickleball Tour. Tyra Black has also won gold medals twice at the Pan American Pickleball Championships.

Here’s a table showing Tyra Black’s Sofascore ranking history

Tyra black pickleball ethnicity, height, paddle, sofascore

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