Ushiran Movie Review, Tamil Cast, IMDB, Ratings

Ushiran Movie Review, Tamil Cast, IMDB, Ratings

Ushiran Movie Review, Tamil Cast, IMDB, Ratings – In a city that has been defiled by a goon’s acts, a cop makes numerous attempts to bring about constructive improvements.

Ushiran Movie Review

Vijay Antony, whose early films, like as Naan and Salim, received high praise for their content, progressively veered toward full-fledged commercial pictures with a healthy serving of bravery and emotions. The most recent entry on the list is Thimiru Pudichavan’s movie, which, like a couple of his other recent productions, is a typical good vs. evil conflict filled with plenty of sentiment and valor.

Sub-inspector Murugavel (Vijay), from Virudhunagar, is upset that his younger brother is choosing the incorrect course of action. The younger brother flees to Chennai since he is fed up with his elder brother’s incessant advise. After two years, Murugavel is transferred to Chennai and learns that his brother works with Padma (Sai Deena), a goon who recruits children to do crimes. Due to an unexpected incident, he kills his brother and swears to transform the town’s residents’ fear of Padma. Enter female sub-inspector Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj), who accompanies Murugavel and a few other law enforcement officers to capture Padma and release the children who are imprisoned by him.

In Thimiru Pudichavan, a fearsome criminal and a smart cop play a typical game of cat and mouse. Like every other cop, Murugavel offers advice to everyone around him, develops feelings for the protagonist, works to alter the law, and brutally beats up criminals. Although Vijay Antony, Nivetha, and Sai Deena all give respectable performances, the movie suffers from a poor narrative, mediocre production standards, and over-the-top stunt sequences.

The movie strains one’s patience with too many logical fallacies, but it does include a few interesting moments in the second half and a message for children. A lame hero with insomnia wears a wristwatch that shows his blood pressure, which determines how he behaves. A stronger storyline without odd histrionics and over-the-top action sequences would have improved the viewing experience. However, it is a relief that there aren’t any pointless duet songs or obnoxious humor tracks.

Ushiran Movie Details

Movie NameThimiru Pudichavan
CastVijay Antony, Nivetha Pethuraj, Daniel Balaji, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Sai Dheena
Story WriterGanesha
ProducerFatima Vijay Antony
Music DirectorVijay Antony
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
LyricistArun Bharathi, Eknath
EditorVijay Antony
SingersRahul Nambiar, Anurag Kulkarni, Haricharan, Padmalatha, Abhay Jodhpurkar, V.m. Mahalingam
Art DirectorSakthi Venkat Raj
Stunt MasterSakthi Saravanan
Costume DesignerSarangan, Sowbarnika
Production CompanyVijay Antony Film Corporation
LanguageTamil, Telugu
GenreCommercial, Action, Crime
Release Date16th November 2018
Name Of The SongsNaga, Thimirupudichavan, Kavalayodam, Nee Unnai Matrikondal, Kannadi
Ushiran Movie Review, Tamil Cast, IMDB, Ratings

Ushiran Movie Trailer

Ushiran Movie Review, Tamil Cast, IMDB, Ratings

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