Victoria Groce Wikipedia, The Chase, Weight Loss, Jeopardy, Photo

Victoria Groce Wikipedia, The Chase, Weight Loss, Jeopardy, Photo

Victoria Groce Wikipedia, The Chase, Weight Loss, Jeopardy, Photo -: In the world of quizzing and television, Victoria Groce stands out as a remarkable figure. Her journey from a young quiz enthusiast to an international quiz community sensation has been nothing short of inspiring. In this article, we’ll explore Victoria Groce’s Wikipedia-worthy biography, her memorable appearances on “The Chase” and “Jeopardy,” her weight loss journey, and some intriguing facts about her.

Victoria Groce Wikipedia, The Chase, Weight Loss, Jeopardy, Photo
Victoria Groce Wikipedia, The Chase, Weight Loss, Jeopardy, Photo

Victoria Groce Bio

Full NameVictoria Groce
Birth Year1981
Age (as of 2023)42 years
Place of BirthDecatur, Georgia, United States
ProfessionScientific Editorial Assistant, Writer
EducationUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Research)
Physical StatisticsHeight: 5′ 6″ (168 cm)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Family– Father: Bernard J. Rubin
– Mother: Patricia A. Rubin
– Sister: Jennifer Rubin
– Brothers: Brian & Phillip Rubin
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandPhil Groce (Network Defense Analyst)
ChildrenOne (Daughter)
Victoria Groce Bio

Victoria Groce Early Life and Passion for Quizzing

Born in 1981, Victoria Groce has been a quiz enthusiast since her childhood. She grew up in Decatur, Georgia, with her parents, Bernard J. Rubin and Patricia A. Rubin, and her siblings, Brian, Phillip, and Jennifer. Victoria’s fascination with current affairs and her love for reading articles became evident early on, as she actively participated in various quiz competitions. Though details about her schooling remain private, she pursued higher education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, focusing on research work, and possibly earning a bachelor’s degree.

Victoria Groce Bio

Victoria Groce Career Journey

Victoria’s career is as diverse as it is fascinating. She began as a freelance writer, delving into topics such as food allergies, celiac disease, and food-restricted eating for Verywell Fit. Her passion for writing extended to science features for publications like Gluten Free and More and Mental Floss. In 2005, she gained widespread recognition when she appeared on the iconic quiz show, “Jeopardy!” This experience marked a significant milestone in her journey.

Fast forward to 2022, and Victoria Groce took on a new challenge as “The Queen” in the ABC network show, “The Chase.” This show pits contestants against a professional quizzer known as “The Chaser,” whose mission is to thwart contestants’ attempts to win cash prizes. Victoria teamed up with fellow contestants Brandon Blackwell and Buzzy Cohen, engaging in a battle of wit against Chasers Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer.

Victoria Groce Personal Life and Family

Victoria Groce Personal Life and Family

Victoria’s personal life is just as intriguing as her professional one. She is married to Phil Groce, a Network Defense Analyst working at the Software Engineering Institute. The couple shares a beautiful relationship, having been together before marriage. Their playful banter and humor on social media reflect their strong bond. Together, they are proud parents to a daughter, whose name remains undisclosed to the media.

Victoria Groce Physical Statistics

Victoria Groce stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and maintains a healthy weight of 64 kilograms (141 lbs). With her striking dark brown hair and eyes, she possesses a distinct and captivating presence.

Victoria Groce Online Presence

While Victoria isn’t overly active on social media, she does maintain Twitter and Instagram accounts. On Twitter, she has garnered 607 followers and follows 175 accounts since joining in March 2022. Her Instagram account boasts 140 followers and 27 followers. Though her posts are primarily centered around her appearances on “The Chase,” her online presence continues to grow.

Victoria Groce Net Worth

Victoria Groce has accumulated wealth through her dual careers as a freelance writer and television personality. Her income comes from writing projects and, potentially, earnings from her appearances on television. Despite her success, specific details about her net worth remain undisclosed to the media.

Victoria Groce

Trivia About Victoria Groce

  • Victoria’s father, Bernard, passed away at the age of 72 on April 30, 2018.
  • Interestingly, her father wanted to name her “Vito” after Vito Corleone, but her mother had a different name in mind.
  • Victoria currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • During her time at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, she worked on Freire’s view of progressive and humanistic education, particularly its implications for medical education.
  • Victoria has an impressive command of six languages.
  • Her husband, Phil, pursued studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, driven by his interest in Machine Learning.

Victoria Groce Debut on “The Chase”

Victoria Groce, known as “The Queen,” made her much-anticipated debut on the third episode of “The Chase” Season 3, which aired on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET on ABC. This season introduced two new chasers, Brandon Blackwell and Buzzy Cohen, who joined returning chasers Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer for a battle of intellect and wits.

“The Chase” has garnered a massive following due to its unique concept and thrilling competition. The show returned for its third season on May 3, 2022, and continues to captivate audiences with its high-stakes quizzing.

Victoria Groce’s extensive experience in international quizzing competitions and her role as a Scientific Editorial Assistant at a biomaterials journal undoubtedly prepared her for the challenging position of a chaser on ABC’s “The Chase.” Her debut episode saw her taking on three contestants in the ultimate quiz battle.

Victoria Groce Quizzing Journey

Victoria Groce’s quizzing journey has been nothing short of spectacular. She actively participated in various competitions, including Odyssey of the Mind, Mathcounts, and Academic Bowl. Her most notable appearance came in 2005 on “Jeopardy!” where she put an end to David Madden’s 19-day winning streak, leaving a lasting mark in the world of television quizzing.

She’s not just a TV personality but also a highly respected quizzing champion. Victoria finished third at the World Quizzing Championships in 2020, representing the United States. Moreover, she was a valuable member of the American Quizzing World Cup team from 2021 to 2022.

In recognition of her quizzing prowess, Victoria Groce was voted World Quizzer of the Year at the 2021 World Quiz Awards. Her dominance in both individual and group quiz rounds/leagues showcases her remarkable depth of knowledge.

Victoria Groce Social Media Accounts

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Victoria Groce’s journey from a quiz-loving child to a celebrated figure in the international quizzing community and television is an inspiring tale of passion and dedication. Her career, spanning from freelance writing to memorable appearances on quiz shows like “Jeopardy!” and “The Chase,” showcases her diverse talents. In addition to her professional accomplishments, her personal life with husband Phil, and their daughter adds depth to her story.

Victoria’s physical presence, online engagement, and potential net worth demonstrate her growing influence. Her debut on “The Chase” Season 3 was met with anticipation, and her impressive quizzing journey has earned her a special place in the hearts of quiz enthusiasts worldwide.

Victoria Groce is more than just a television personality; she is a quizzing champion, a loving wife, and a dedicated mother. Her journey reminds us that with passion and determination, one can achieve greatness in any field. Victoria Groce’s Wikipedia entry continues to evolve, reflecting her ongoing accomplishments and contributions to the world of quizzing and entertainment.


What is Victoria Groce famous for?

Victoria Groce is famous for her appearances in the international quizzing community, as well as for her roles on quiz shows like “Jeopardy!” and “The Chase.”

Has Victoria Groce ever lost on The Chase?

Victoria “The Queen” Groce is a musician from Atlanta, Georgia, who defeated 19-day champion David Madden in September 2005 (though she lost in her very next game). She appears as a Chaser in Season 3 of The Chase alongside Buzzy Cohen and 2008-B Teen Tournament semi-finalist & WWTBAM alumni Brandon Blackwell.

Who is the queen on The Chase tonight?

Each of the three new chasers may present an affable exterior, but don’t let their good natures fool you. Victoria Groce, “The Queen” of all things trivia, has been dubbed the smartest woman in the world based on her domination of online trivia tournaments and is sure to strike fear in the hearts of contestants.

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