When did Sonny and Cher divorce, Partner, Married, Husband, Relationship, Spouse, Boyfriend

When did Sonny and Cher divorce, Partner, Married, Husband, Relationship, Spouse, Boyfriend

When did Sonny and Cher divorce, Partner, Married, Husband, Relationship, Spouse, Boyfriend – In the late ’60s and early ’70s, Sonny and Cher captured the hearts of millions, becoming one of the most iconic celebrity couples of their time. Their fame soared with “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,” where their on-screen chemistry and catchy songs made them cultural icons. However, beneath the glitz and glamour, their relationship faced numerous challenges, including infidelity, which ultimately led to their divorce in 1974.

When did Sonny and Cher divorce, Partner, Married, Husband, Relationship, Spouse, Boyfriend

A Chance Encounter at 16: Cher’s First Impression

Cher’s journey with Sonny Bono began at a Los Angeles party in 1962 when she was just 16. Sonny, a 28-year-old aspiring musician fresh from a divorce, didn’t initially reciprocate Cher’s immediate infatuation. Despite her attraction, Sonny’s attention was directed elsewhere, as he was taken by one of Cher’s friends. However, fate intervened, and Cher soon found herself living with Sonny after being kicked out by her roommates.

From Platonic to Romantic: The Evolution of Their Relationship

Although their initial living arrangement was platonic, Cher’s description of Bono as not being initially physically attracted to her, the dynamic between them transformed over time. The two began dating, setting the stage for a partnership that would extend beyond the personal realm into their professional lives.

The Rise of Sonny and Cher

After tying the knot in 1965, Sonny and Cher focused on their musical careers. Sonny, recognizing Cher’s nervousness about performing solo, joined her on stage, kickstarting their musical collaboration. The release of their first album, “Look at Us,” and the chart-topping hit “I Got You, Babe” marked the beginning of their musical success. In 1969, following the birth of their daughter, Chastity (Chaz) Bono, the couple transitioned to television with the launch of “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.” The variety show catapulted them to new heights of fame, but behind the scenes, cracks were starting to appear.

Sonny’s Womanizing Ways

Despite their on-screen portrayal of the ideal couple, Sonny and Cher’s marriage faced challenges, particularly in the form of Sonny’s infidelity. Stardom took a toll on Sonny, turning him into a womanizer. Cher, in a 2010 interview with Parade, revealed how she grew tired of his cheating ways. Multiple women were involved, and Cher’s trust was shattered. Despite the challenges, they remained together for a while to maintain appearances.

Cher Files for Divorce

In 1974, after years of struggling with Sonny’s infidelity, Cher reached her breaking point. She filed for divorce, citing involuntary servitude. The facade of the perfect couple shattered, leading to a messy court battle over custody of their daughter and shared earnings. After nine years of marriage, Sonny and Cher’s union came to an end.

When did Sonny and Cher divorce, Partner, Married, Husband, Relationship, Spouse, Boyfriend

A Bittersweet Farewell

Despite their tumultuous history, Cher continued to hold respect and love for Sonny. In 1998, she delivered a poignant eulogy at his funeral following his tragic skiing accident. Cher referred to Sonny as “the most unforgettable character I ever met,” emphasizing the enduring impact he had on her life.

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Sonny and Cher’s love story, marked by infatuation, musical success, and television stardom, ultimately succumbed to the strains of fame and infidelity. Their journey, though tumultuous, remains a poignant chapter in celebrity history. Cher’s ability to eulogize Sonny with love and respect showcases the complexity of relationships and the enduring impact of even the most challenging love stories. The legacy of Sonny and Cher lives on as a reminder of the highs and lows that accompany fame and love.

How many husbands did Cher have?

Cher had two high-profile marriages in the ’60s and ’70s. She was first married to her singing partner, Sonny Bono, from 1964 to 1975. After that, she was married to singer Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979.

Was Sonny Bono married when he met Cher?

When Sonny Bono met Cher in 1963, he was 27, and she was a 16-year-old named Cherilyn Sarkisian. At that time, Sonny was separated from his first wife, and they later got divorced. Cher was really taken by Sonny, describing him as the most unusual person she had ever seen.

What happened to Cher’s husband Sonny?

Tragically, Sonny Bono passed away on January 5, 1998. He suffered fatal injuries in a skiing accident at Heavenly Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California, when he hit a tree. At the request of Mary, Sonny’s widow, Cher gave a eulogy at his funeral. Sonny Bono was laid to rest at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, California.

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