Who Did Drake Have a Kid With

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With -: Drake, the Canadian rapper and global superstar, is not just known for his chart-topping hits and charismatic personality. He’s also known for something else that made headlines in the past: being a father. In this article, we’ll explore the story behind Drake’s journey into fatherhood and the mother of his child.

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With
Who Did Drake Have a Kid With

Meet Adonis Graham: Drake’s Son

Drake’s son, Adonis Graham, entered the world on October 11, 2017. Adonis is a special and much-loved part of Drake’s life, and his story is intertwined with that of his mother, Sophie Brussaux. But how did this all come about?

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With

The Tale of Drake and Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux, a French artist and former adult film actress, is the mother of Adonis Graham. Their story began in January 2017 when they crossed paths, and a brief fling resulted in Adonis’s conception. However, things weren’t always smooth sailing from there.

The Denial and Confirmation

At first, Drake denied that he was the father of Adonis. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to face such challenges, and Drake was no exception. He kept this chapter of his life private and away from the spotlight. But, as time went on, the truth came to light.

A DNA test confirmed that Drake was indeed Adonis’s father. This revelation led Drake to openly acknowledge his fatherhood on his 2018 album, “Scorpion.” In his song “Emotionless,” he shared his perspective:

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world I was hiding the world from my kid.”

Co-Parenting and Love

Since confirming his fatherhood, Drake has been candid about his relationship with Adonis and his co-parenting dynamic with Sophie Brussaux. While their relationship is typically private, they have both shared glimpses of their life with Adonis on social media.

In interviews and through his music, Drake has expressed his love and pride for his son. He has made it clear that he’s committed to being a loving and supportive father, despite his demanding career.

Sophie Brussaux’s Perspective

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With

Sophie Brussaux has also spoken publicly about her relationship with Drake and their shared responsibility as parents. She’s expressed her gratitude for Drake’s support and is happy that he plays a role in Adonis’s life.

Adonis primarily lives with Sophie in Paris, France, but Drake is an active part of his life. The rapper frequently shares photos of Adonis on his social media platforms, giving fans a glimpse into their father-son bond.

Co-Parenting of the Year

In 2021, Drake playfully referred to himself as the “co-parent of the year” in one of his songs from the album “Certified Lover Boy.” He has highlighted the importance of their co-parenting relationship, emphasizing that he’s “very proud” of it.

Who Did Drake Have a Kid With


In Conclusion, Drake’s journey into fatherhood with Sophie Brussaux is a story of challenges, revelations, and ultimately, love. Adonis Graham, their son, is at the center of it all, bringing joy and fulfillment into Drake’s life. While their relationship may not always be in the spotlight, the love and commitment between Drake and Sophie as co-parents shine brightly.


What is Sophie Brussaux famous for?

Sophie Brussaux is famous for being a French artist and former adult film actress.

Who does Drake have a son by?

Drake has a son named Adonis, whose mother is Sophie Brussaux.

Who is the mother of Adonis?

The mother of Adonis is Sophie Brussaux.

Does Drake’s son live with him?

Adonis primarily lives with his mother, Sophie Brussaux, in Paris, France, but Drake is an active part of his life and sees him regularly.

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