Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to

Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to

Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to – Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez, a couple who once seemed inseparable, recently made headlines as they decided to part ways after a three-year journey together. This article aims to walk you through their whirlwind romance, from the early days of their relationship to the unexpected announcement of their separation.

Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to

The Beginning of Something New (February 2020 – May 2020)

In February 2020, rumors started circulating when Ariana and Dalton were spotted sharing a kiss at a bar, captured by TMZ. Later in May 2020, their relationship became more public as they appeared together in the music video for “Stuck with U,” a quarantine love song collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Instagram Official and Birthday Celebrations (June 2020 – August 2020)

In June 2020, Ariana gave fans a sneak peek into her love life by sharing a cuddly selfie with Dalton on Instagram. The singer celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday in August with adorable videos and photos, expressing her love for him.

A Glimpse into Their Life (December 2020)

As 2020 neared its end, Ariana treated her fans to a photo dump on Instagram, including snapshots of her life with Dalton. The collection showcased their shared moments, including a festive kiss and a celebration of Dalton’s birthday.

Engagement and Wedding Bells (December 2020 – May 2021)

Surprising fans in December 2020, Ariana announced her engagement to Dalton with a series of photos flaunting a sparkling ring. Just five months later, in May 2021, they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony attended by 20 people. The singer shared enchanting wedding photos a week and a half after the private ceremony.

Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to

Valentine’s Day and Smiles (February 2022 – November 2022)

In February 2022, Ariana and Dalton celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic date night, as seen in an Instagram post. Later, in November 2022, the couple shared a heartwarming selfie, radiating happiness and love.

Trouble in Paradise (July 2023)

Sadly, the love story took an unexpected turn in July 2023 when reports surfaced about Ariana and Dalton’s separation. According to TMZ, the couple had been apart since January, attempting to reconcile without success. Despite the split, sources claimed they remained friends and maintained regular communication.

The Final Goodbye (September 2023)

The story took its final turn in September 2023 when Ariana Grande officially filed for divorce from Dalton Gomez. The legal documents, confirmed by Billboard, stated that the date of separation was in February 2023. It marked the end of a chapter that began with a kiss at a bar and unfolded into a whirlwind romance, engagement, and marriage.

Who has Ariana Grande been engaged to

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Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s journey from a bar in Northridge to a wedding ceremony captured the hearts of many. While their love story faced an unexpected conclusion, the memories of their shared moments, captured in photos and public appearances, will linger. As fans reflect on the highs and lows of this celebrity romance, it serves as a reminder that even in the world of glitz and glamour, love stories are sometimes as unpredictable as life itself.

How Many Times Has Ariana Grande Been Engaged?

Ariana Grande, the famous singer, has been engaged not just once, but twice! First, she got engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, and later, she said “yes” to Dalton Gomez.

Who was Ariana’s Ex-Fiancé?

Before Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande was engaged to Pete Davidson, a comedian known for his time on “Saturday Night Live.” Their engagement happened in May 2018, but unfortunately, their romance was short-lived, and they ended things in October 2018.

Is Ariana Still Dating SpongeBob?

There’s been a bit of confusion! Tom Kenny, the voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants, is happily married. Some people mistakenly thought he might be dating Ariana Grande. To clear things up, Tom Kenny’s wife stepped in to say, “Hi everyone, I’m married to Tom Kenny. He is not dating Ariana Grande.” So, it turns out, Ariana and SpongeBob are not a couple!

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