Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse

Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse

Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse – Dick Van Dyke, the legendary star of Mary Poppins, found love again with his wife, Arlene Silver. This heartwarming love story began at the SAG Awards in 2006.

Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse

A Chance Encounter at the SAG Awards

Van Dyke, then 97, first crossed paths with Silver, 52, who was working as a makeup artist at the awards show. They instantly connected, and Van Dyke soon found himself hiring her for other projects. Their professional collaboration paved the way for a deeper connection.

Love Blossoms After Loss

Tragedy struck when Van Dyke’s longtime love, Michelle Triola, passed away from lung cancer in 2009. During this challenging time, Silver stepped in as a pillar of support, bringing Van Dyke comfort and care. The shared grief brought them closer, and Van Dyke revealed, “Arlene would come by after work and bring me food. She was such a support; I fell in love.”

From Colleagues to Life Partners

Despite an age gap of 46 years, Van Dyke and Silver’s connection grew stronger. They decided to tie the knot in 2012, choosing a leap day for their wedding. Van Dyke expressed his happiness, stating, “It’s a really nice relationship; most people like her a lot.”

Family Acceptance

Initially concerned about his family’s reaction to the significant age difference, Van Dyke was pleasantly surprised when his family embraced Silver warmly. “My grandkids call her Grandma. My four kids just love her,” he shared, highlighting the harmonious integration of Silver into his family.

Singing and Dancing

One of the key elements that brought this couple together was their mutual love for singing and dancing. They perform together in the Vantastix, a group Van Dyke formed years ago. Silver even formed her own band, Arlene & the Vantastix, showcasing her talents.

A Leap into Matrimony

The couple officially became husband and wife on that memorable leap day in 2012. Van Dyke described the decision as spontaneous, saying, “It was on the spur of the moment; we just decided Leap Day would be the best time to do it.” Their celebration occurs on Feb. 28 in non-leap years.

Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse

Music Video Collaboration

Beyond their personal connection, Silver and Van Dyke collaborated creatively. In February 2022, she directed a music video for Arlene & the Vantastix’s rendition of “Everybody Loves a Lover.” The video, featuring Van Dyke, pays homage to a classic moment from The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Red Carpet Love

Van Dyke and Silver frequently grace red carpets together, showcasing their love for each other at various events. From the premiere of Mary Poppins Returns to the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors, the couple radiates joy and togetherness.

Supporting Each Other Through Thick and Thin

In March 2023, Silver demonstrated unwavering support for Van Dyke after a car accident. Despite minor injuries, she stepped in to care for him. This incident highlighted the strength of their bond and commitment to each other’s well-being.

Disneyland and Beyond

Later that year, the couple was spotted enjoying a visit to Disneyland, emphasizing their shared joy and zest for life. It’s evident that Van Dyke and Silver find happiness in simple pleasures and each other’s company.

Masked Singer Surprise

In February 2023, Van Dyke surprised fans by appearing on The Masked Singer. After singing Frank Sinatra’s “When You’re Smiling,” he revealed that Silver played a crucial role in choosing the performance. Their collaboration showcased the enduring creativity and playfulness in their relationship.

Who is Dick Van Dyke married to now, Wife Age, Partner, Spouse

The Perfect Partner

Van Dyke, at 97, expressed profound gratitude for his wife, calling her “the best wife” and stating that she had made him the happiest man in the world. Silver reciprocated, emphasizing their care for each other and acknowledging the uniqueness of having a “national treasure” as a life partner.

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Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver’s love story is a testament to the enduring power of love, connection, and shared passions. Despite the age difference and life’s challenges, they’ve found solace and joy in each other’s company. Their journey exemplifies that love knows no bounds and can blossom unexpectedly, even on a Hollywood red carpet.

When did Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver get married?

They tied the knot on February 29, 2012, opting for a leap day ceremony, although they celebrate their anniversary on February 28 in non-leap years.

What brought Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver together?

Their initial professional collaboration turned into a personal connection, and their love story deepened after the passing of Van Dyke’s longtime partner, Michelle Triola.

How did Arlene Silver support Dick Van Dyke during his grief?

Arlene provided emotional support, bringing him food and being a constant presence after the loss of Van Dyke’s longtime love in 2009.

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