Who is Mark Ballas married to, Partner, Relationship

Who is Mark Ballas married to, Partner, Relationship

Who is Mark Ballas married to, Partner, Relationship – Mark Ballas, the 37-year-old retired pro dancer from “Dancing with the Stars,” and his wife BC Jean are celebrating a moment of pure joy – the arrival of their first child, Banksi Wylde Ballas. The couple recently shared the happy news on Instagram, introducing their “rainbow baby” to the world.

Who is Mark Ballas married to, Partner, Relationship

A Heartfelt Announcement

In a touching Instagram post, Mark Ballas shared a photo of himself holding his wife BC Jean’s hand, while their newborn son Banksi grasped onto Jean’s thumb. The caption read, “Welcome to Earth, my son,” followed by the baby’s name and the special date, November 5. BC Jean echoed the sentiment on her own Instagram, expressing love for their little one.

The Journey to Parenthood

The couple had previously revealed their expanding family on Instagram in June, chronicling their adventures, including beach days and a Disneyland trip. The real surprise came at the end of a Reel, where they shared their most significant project – the anticipation of their baby’s arrival.

“Lately we’ve been…making new music, making birthday wishes, went to Disneyland, made more music stuff, turned off our phones and went to the beach, car rides with our best mate, Boba tea, made more music,” the Reel shared. “Also, we’ve been making…. a tiny human.”

Mark and BC Jean Love Story

Mark Ballas and BC Jean’s love story began at a singer-songwriter night at a mutual friend’s house. The casual and fun atmosphere allowed singers and musicians to perform, creating the perfect setting for the couple to meet. After the event, they exchanged numbers and started dating in 2012.

Their relationship blossomed, leading to their engagement in January 2016 and a beautiful wedding ceremony later that November. Throughout the years, their love has only deepened, culminating in the joyous arrival of their son Banksi.

Musical Journey and Coping with Loss

Mark and BC Jean, known musically as Alexander Jean, took their fans on an emotional journey with their single “Rainbow.” The song reflected on the painful experience of a pregnancy loss in 2022. The couple shared a lyric video, featuring images of BC Jean wearing an oversized coat, proudly displaying her baby bump.

Who is Mark Ballas married to, Partner, Relationship

In the social media announcement of the single, Mark and BC Jean opened up about the heartbreaking loss, expressing the unique sadness that comes with such an experience. Despite the pain, they dedicated “Rainbow” to anyone who has faced loss, aiming to bring a sense of peace and a reminder that a rainbow follows the storm.

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As Mark Ballas and BC Jean welcome their rainbow baby, Banksi Wylde Ballas, into the world, their journey becomes a beacon of hope and resilience. From the highs of love and musical success to the lows of pregnancy loss, the couple has navigated life’s complexities with grace and openness. The arrival of Banksi marks a new chapter for the Ballas family, filled with love, joy, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Who is Mark Ballas’s Spouse?

Mark Ballas’s spouse is BC Jean. They recently celebrated the arrival of their first child, Banksi Wylde Ballas. Mark, a 37-year-old retired pro dancer from Dancing with the Stars, joyfully announced the news on Instagram, welcoming their “rainbow baby” on November 5.

Did Mark Ballas Have a Baby?

Yes, Mark Ballas and BC Jean welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Banksi. The 37-year-old Dancing With the Stars alum and his 36-year-old singer-songwriter wife shared the exciting news on social media, expressing their happiness about becoming parents.

Does Mark Ballas Have Long Hair?

Yes, Mark Ballas is known for his long locks. Over the years, he has grown out his hair, even sporting a stylish man bun that has become his trademark on Instagram. In 2021, Mark decided to let his long hair down more often, creating a buzz and showcasing a curly hair makeover that fans have appreciated.

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