Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner

Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner

Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner – Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen’s love story began in 1983 when Danson auditioned for the role of Steenburgen’s on-screen spouse in “Cross Creek.” However, the timing wasn’t right, and they were both married to other people.

Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner

Reconnecting in 1993: Pontiac Moon

A decade later, fate brought them back together during the filming of “Pontiac Moon” in 1993. Both had recently gone through divorces, and despite initial reservations about relationships, their friendship blossomed into something more during a magical canoe trip in Mendocino, California.

Proposal and Marriage in 1995

On Steenburgen’s birthday in 1995, Danson proposed to her in Houston, where she was filming. The couple tied the knot later that year on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, with a star-studded guest list, including then-President Bill Clinton. Their wedding marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership.

Gulliver’s Travels and It Must Be Love

Throughout their marriage, Danson and Steenburgen continued to share the screen, starring in projects like the late-’90s miniseries “Gulliver’s Travels” and the 2004 rom-com “It Must Be Love.” Their on-screen chemistry mirrored their real-life love.

Family Celebrations and Hollywood Recognition

The couple celebrated Steenburgen’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2009, showcasing their blended family. Despite occasional on-screen separations, their real-life bond remained unshakable. In 2018, Steenburgen congratulated Danson on his Critic’s Choice Award, emphasizing their unwavering support for each other’s successes.

Addressing Rumors and Staying Strong

In 2017, Danson and Steenburgen faced an unexpected challenge when their characters on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” separated, sparking divorce rumors. The couple handled the situation with humor, emphasizing the distinction between fiction and reality. Their commitment to each other remained unwavering.

Daily Compliments and Public Declarations

Steenburgen shared in 2018 how Danson never let a day go by without telling her she’s beautiful. Their public expressions of love continued, with Steenburgen describing Danson as “heaven-sent” and expressing gratitude for their deep connection.

Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner

Meditation and Presence in the Relationship

Danson revealed in 2019 that meditation played a crucial role in their relationship. The couple embraced meditation as a shared practice that kept them connected. Danson emphasized the importance of staying in a space of love, and their commitment to meditation reflected their dedication to each other.

25 Years of Marriage

In 2020, the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Steenburgen’s Instagram tribute captured the essence of their enduring love, emphasizing Danson’s humor and their shared laughter through the years.

PEOPLE Love Issue Cover

In February 2021, Danson and Steenburgen graced the cover of PEOPLE’s first-ever Love Issue. The couple shared insights into their lasting love, emphasizing the significance of quality time and genuine communication.

In September 2021, Danson and Steenburgen celebrated their son Charlie’s wedding to Lily Collins. Steenburgen expressed her joy and gratitude for the expanding family, showcasing the deep bonds they share with their children and grandchildren.

Danson’s Admission on Kelly Clarkson Show

In April 2022, Danson humorously admitted his “helplessness” when Steenburgen was away, highlighting their deep connection. The couple’s ability to embrace humor and vulnerability has been a cornerstone of their enduring relationship.

Positive Relationships with Ex-Spouse

March 2023 brought revelations from Steenburgen’s ex-husband, Malcolm McDowell. He expressed admiration for the couple, highlighting their positive relationship and frequent family gatherings. McDowell credited their enduring connection to the time they spent filming “Time After Time.”

Cheers Ending and Reconnection

In June 2023, Danson reflected on his decision to leave “Cheers” in 1993, leading to the conclusion of the show. Despite the show’s end, it allowed Danson to reconnect with Steenburgen, marking a pivotal moment in their love story.

Who is Ted Danson married to right now, Relationship, Partner

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Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen’s love story is a testament to the enduring power of love, friendship, and commitment. From their initial meeting in the ’80s to celebrating milestones in the 21st century, their journey is filled with laughter, support, and a genuine connection that has only deepened with time. As they continue to navigate life’s adventures together, their love remains an inspiration for many.

What is Ted Danson working on now?

Currently, Ted Danson has been part of various TV shows. You might remember him from the CBS series Becker (1998-2004), the legal drama Damages (2007-2010), and the NBC sitcoms The Good Place (2016 to 2022) and Mr. Mayor (2021-2022). Fun fact: He’s been happily married to Mary Steenburgen since 1995, and they have two daughters, Kate and Alexis.

Is Ted Danson in a relationship?

Nope, Ted Danson is happily married! He and Mary Steenburgen have been together for nearly three decades. They first crossed paths in 1983 when he auditioned for a role alongside her in Cross Creek. However, it wasn’t until 1993, while working on Pontiac Moon, that their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.

How long was Ted Danson married?

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have been married for a whopping 25 years! They tied the knot in 1995 and have been going strong ever since. The couple’s love story is a heartwarming journey that has stood the test of time.

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