Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To -: Tyler Stanaland, a familiar face to fans of the reality TV show “Selling the OC,” has garnered attention not just for his real estate endeavors but also for his personal life. If you’re curious about his romantic journey and who he was once married to, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll dive into the story of Tyler Stanaland’s marriage and the events that led to his divorce.

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To
Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

Tyler Stanaland – The Man Behind the Scenes

Before we explore Tyler’s marriage, let’s get to know him a bit better. Tyler Stanaland is a 33-year-old realtor who starred in the popular reality TV show “Selling the OC.” But he’s more than just a TV personality; he’s a dedicated surfer, a professional real estate agent, and a dog lover. Tyler’s journey in the real estate world began at a young age, and he’s a fifth-generation realtor, which means it’s in his blood. He decided to break away from his family’s business and joined the Oppenheim Group in Orange County, a decision that played a pivotal role in his life.

The Love for Surfing, Real Estate, and His Dog

Tyler’s heart is divided into four parts: surfing, his furry companion, his wife (at the time), and real estate. Surfing is not just a hobby for him; it’s a passion that has been with him since childhood. Despite a health scare in 2012, he continues to ride the waves whenever he can. His dedication to surfing is something that makes him unique among his colleagues.

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

A Love Story Begins

Tyler Stanaland’s love story took an interesting twist when he met actress Brittany Snow. They started dating in 2018, and their love blossomed quickly. In March 2020, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu, California. The wedding was a joyful celebration of their love and commitment to each other.

A Professional Realtor

Apart from his love for surfing, Tyler’s other great love is real estate. He obtained his real estate sales license when he was just 18 years old. Having grown up working in his family’s brokerage, he was well-prepared for a career in the real estate industry. During Season 1 of “Selling the OC,” viewers saw Tyler make a significant move by selling his first house independently, a major milestone in his career.

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

Challenges in the Office

As one of the more reserved realtors on the show, Tyler Stanaland still found himself at the center of some drama during Season 1. The trouble began when one of his colleagues, Kayla Cardona, made an inappropriate advance towards him during a night out. This incident triggered a chain reaction of events in the office, with Tyler setting clear boundaries and addressing the issue with his wife.

Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately, not all was smooth sailing in Tyler and Brittany’s marriage. After the show aired, rumors and drama surrounding the incident began to circulate, putting a strain on their relationship. The tension ultimately led to their separation, which was announced less than a month after the show’s release. Brittany Snow filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Who Is Tyler From Selling OC Married To

The Impact of Reality TV

The incident on “Selling the OC” had a profound impact on Tyler and Brittany’s relationship. The drama escalated on and off-screen, affecting their personal lives. Tyler Stanaland found himself caught between his professional obligations and personal life, a situation that many reality TV personalities face.

Life After Separation

As of September 2023, Tyler Stanaland is single. He has continued his career in real estate, making a name for himself in the industry. While the drama surrounding his marriage and the incident on the show was undoubtedly challenging, Tyler has chosen to focus on his career and personal growth.


Tyler Stanaland’s journey from a dedicated surfer to a successful realtor and reality TV star has been marked by ups and downs. His marriage to actress Brittany Snow, while filled with love and joy, faced challenges that ultimately led to their separation. Tyler’s story is a reminder that even in the world of glitz and glamour, real people face real-life struggles and choices. As Tyler continues his journey in the world of real estate, we can only hope for his happiness and success in both his personal and professional life.


Are Tyler from Selling the OC and his wife still together?

No, Tyler Stanaland and his wife, actress Brittany Snow, are no longer together. They announced their separation in September 2022 and later finalized their divorce in 2023.

Who is Tyler the Real OC’s wife?

Tyler Stanaland’s ex-wife is actress Brittany Snow. They got married in March 2020 but later divorced.

Why did Tyler from OC get divorced?

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow got divorced due to irreconcilable differences. The exact reasons behind their divorce were not publicly disclosed, but it followed a period of tension and drama that unfolded on the reality TV show “Selling the OC.”

Are Alex and Tyler together?

While there was some romantic tension between Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall on “Selling the OC,” their exact relationship status after the show’s events is unclear. They shared a passionate moment, but it’s uncertain if they are still together as a couple. Tyler and Alex have mentioned remaining close friends, but there’s no definitive confirmation of a romantic relationship.

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