Why did Rosalia and Rauw end their relationship

Why did Rosalia and Rauw end their relationship

Why did Rosalia and Rauw end their relationship – After more than three years of dating, Rauw Alejandro and Rosala have called it quits on their engagement. The breakup appears to have been mutual, albeit the causes are yet unknown.

Why did Rosalia and Rauw end their relationship
Why did Rosalia and Rauw end their relationship

What was the reason behind the break-up of Rosalia and Rauw?

It seems that Rauw Alejandro and Rosala have decided to call off their engagement. After more than three years together, the two have called off their initial March 2023 engagement.

Many fans were curious as to the reasons behind the breakup of one of music’s hottest couples after hearing that Rosala and Rauw had decided to call it quits.

Despite the fact that their split appears to be final, we are still unsure of the specifics. People have revealed that even though the two love and respect one another, they both agreed that their relationship should stop.

The two began their public relationship in August 2021, and in September of that same year, they made their social media accounts public. In the music video for “Beso,” one of the tracks from their joint EP, the two eventually disclosed that they had both received tattoos to symbolize their relationship and that they were engaged.

The two discussed their friendship and how it had affected their respective musical styles in an interview with Billboard.

It wasn’t always the intention of Rosala and Rauw to collaborate on music.

The two discussed how their friendship with one another was always their top priority in that Billboard interview. Rosala stated, “We wanted to make our connection strong and lay its foundations so that, if music was meant to come, it would arrive.

Additionally, Rauw continued, “We wanted to make our followers focus on what we were doing, which was our separate projects because we were at different stages of our lives. In the world of entertainment, people enjoy drama, and romantic relationships always take priority. We believed that if ours was revealed, the work we both put into our projects and music would take a back seat.

Rosi has a stronger musical foundation than I do since she is much more disciplined and I am more outgoing in my playing, according to Rauw. But she’s a very obsessive worker. What else can you study if no one sings like you do, besides piano, dancing, and voice lessons? I initially struggled to understand it, but after some time I decided to give it a shot and see what happened. The difference is significant.

Although the specific cause of their relationship’s breakdown is unknown, these remarks do provide some insight into how the two felt about cooperating on projects. While the two may be looking for some privacy as they work through this breakup, fans are likely to be interested in the specifics of what transpired.

Fans can only conjecture as to how their relationship ended until we know for sure, especially since it appeared to be so stable at the time. Although their romance may be gone, their music will live on in the hearts of their fans.

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