Xan Tanner Wikipedia, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents

Xan Tanner Wikipedia, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents

Xan Tanner Wikipedia, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents -: In this article, we will delve into the life and background of Xan Tanner, a prominent figure known for his involvement with Panorama Education. Despite not having a Wikipedia page, Xan Tanner’s life is full of intriguing aspects, from his career and personal life to his wedding and net worth. So, let’s explore the world of Xan Tanner in simple and friendly language.

Xan Tanner Wikipedia, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents
Xan Tanner Wikipedia, Wedding, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents

Xan Tanner Bio

Full NameXan Tanner
Date of Birth1991 (Age: 32 as of 2023)
EducationGraduate of Yale University
CareerCo-founder of Panorama Education
FamilySon of Catherine M. Allegra and James M. Tanner
Marital StatusMarried to Rebecca Garland (2018)
Wedding DateJune 16, 2018
Spouse’s FatherMerrick Garland (U.S. Attorney General)
ControversiesSelling critical race theory materials to school districts
Xan Tanner Bio

Xan Tanner – A Brief Overview

Xan Tanner is a co-founder of Panorama Education, a company specializing in analytics software and services. While his accomplishments are notable.

Xan Tanner Ethnicity and Nationality

While we couldn’t confirm whether Xan Tanner is Jewish, we can confirm that his ethnicity is British. He hails from Denver, Colorado, making his nationality American.

Xan Tanner Career and Education

Xan Tanner graduated from Yale University and has made significant contributions to the field of education. He started his career as the Head of Metrics for the Yale Men’s Basketball team and later worked as a canvasser for political campaigns, including Biden’s Presidential Campaign and the Democratic Party of Georgia. Xan’s work revolves around data-driven solutions to improve K-12 education.

Xan Tanner Family Ties

Xan Tanner comes from a family with its own achievements. His mother, Catherine M. Allegra, holds a position as a managing director at IHS Markit, while his father, James M. Tanner, is the founder and president of Just Good Advice.

Xan Tanner Personal Life – Wedding and Family

In 2018, Xan Tanner tied the knot with his wife, Rebecca Garland. The wedding was a memorable event, officiated by Rabbi Brian D. Field in St. Vrain. What makes this union even more interesting is that Rebecca is the daughter of Merrick Garland, an American attorney.

Their love story began at a young age when Xan and Rebecca first met at a summer camp in Estes Park, Colorado when they were just 13 years old. Love blossomed from that point onward, culminating in their beautiful wedding.

Xan Tanner Age and Background

As of 2023, Xan Tanner is 32 years old, born in 1991. While we don’t have his exact birth date, we can tell you that he’s a young, accomplished individual who has achieved a lot in a relatively short time.

Xan Tanner Net Worth

Xan Tanner’s net worth remains undisclosed, but Panorama Education, the company he co-founded, received significant funding in 2014, making it a major player in the educational technology sector. With multimillion-dollar contracts with various educational committees and support from Mark Zuckerberg, it’s safe to say that Xan Tanner has been successful in his endeavors.

Xan Tanner Controversies

Xan Tanner has been in the spotlight due to reports suggesting that Panorama Education sells critical race theory materials to school districts. While this has sparked controversy, some board members of the organization have defended their role, stating that they aim to help students with social-emotional learning.

Xan Tanner Social Media Accounts

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In summary, Xan Tanner may not have a Wikipedia page, but his life is certainly worth exploring. From his career in education and his contributions to Panorama Education to his family ties, wedding, and the controversies surrounding his work, there’s a lot to discover about this intriguing individual. As he continues to make a mark in the field of education, we can only expect to hear more about Xan Tanner in the future.


When and where did Xan Tanner and Rebecca Garland get married?

Xan Tanner and Rebecca Garland got married on June 16, 2018, in a ceremony officiated by Rabbi Brian D. Field in St. Vrain.

Who are Xan Tanner’s parents?

Xan Tanner’s mother is Catherine M. Allegra, a managing director at IHS Markit, and his father is James M. Tanner, the founder and president of Just Good Advice.

What is Xan Tanner’s ethnicity and nationality?

Xan Tanner’s ethnicity is British, and he holds American nationality.

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