Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia, Vegan Instagram, Age, Ig

Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia, Vegan Instagram, Age, Ig

Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia, Vegan Instagram, Age, Ig -: Zhanna Samsonova, an influential person best known by her stage name Zhanna D’Art, died at the age of 39. According to sources, Ms. Samsonova starved to death while exclusively eating a raw vegan diet. A friend who lives one floor above Ms. Samsonova expressed worry about “finding her dead body in the morning.”

Zhanna Samsonova Biography

Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia, Vegan Instagram, Age, Ig
Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia, Vegan Instagram, Age, Ig

Who Is Zhanna Samsonova?

Russian-born Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova, 39, spent years living entirely off of raw vegan food. She starved herself to death. According to the New York Post, she frequently pushed raw foods on her social media platforms.

The woman, who used the online alias Zhanna D’Art, reportedly passed away on July 21 after finally seeking medical attention while on tour in Southeast Asia.
Samsonova asserted in an Instagram post that she had been eating solely raw veggies for at least ten years while adhering to a vegan diet.

Zhanna Samsonova Age

Zhanna Samsonova’s exact birthdate is unknown, however, she is said to have passed away at the age of 39.

Zhanna Samsonova Family, Parents & Siblings

Although Zhanna Samsonova withheld information about her family and siblings, it is clear that her mother did not approve of her strict diet because she publicly stated as much after her passing.

Zhanna Samsonova Wiki

NameZhanna Samsonova
Nick NameZhanna
Height5 Feet 7 inch
Weight60 kg
Date Of Birth1984 (passed away at the age of 39)
ProfessionFood Blogger, Social Media Influencer
Home TownKazan, Russia

Zhanna Samsonova Educational Qualifications

1984 saw the birth of Zhanna Samsonova in Kazan, Russia. Vera Samsonova is her mother’s name, although little is known about her father. According to reports, Zhanna lived in Kazan her entire life before relocating to Moscow in 2002 to pursue her doctoral studies. After graduating, she reportedly spent little time in Russia and instead visited South East Asia. She reportedly lived in Thailand since she was a free-spirited person who wanted to travel around Asia.

Zhanna Samsonova’s Net Worth

Net Worth in Dollars$1 Million
SalaryNot Known

Zhanna Samsonova Career

Russian-born “raw vegan” influencer Zhanna Samsonova, also known as Zhanna D’Art on social media, has been consuming only raw plants for ten years.

Zhanna Samsonova, who goes by Zhanna D’Art on social media and is of Russian heritage, has been eating a raw plant-based diet that includes fruit, sunflower seed sprouts, and fruit smoothies for ten years.

The 39-year-old woman also went through phases where she engaged in “dry fasting,” going days without eating or drinking anything. Days before she starved to death, the vegan fresh food blogger who followed an “extreme” diet of exotic fruits published a disturbing final post.

On July 21, Zhanna Samsonova, who had been drinking fruit and vegetable juices instead of water for more than six years, passed away in Malaysia. The influencer, who has more than 10,000 Instagram followers and spent 17 years traveling throughout Asia, is said to have passed away from a cholera-like infection brought on by her incredibly restricted diet, according to her mother, who spoke to the Russian newspaper Vechernyaya Kazan.

The disturbing message “Life is meaningless but worth living provided you recognize it’s meaningless” was shared by her in the days leading up to her passing. Zhanna Samsonova has changed her diet from a vegan one to one that only consists of raw fruit and vegetables. The influencer posts what she refers to as “healthy” cuisine on her Instagram account.

Zhanna Samsonova Death News

On July 26, 2023, Zhanna Samsonova passed away, according to DJ Timur Mammadov. At the same time, Mammadov claimed in the comments section that Zhanna Samsonova’s diet and way of life were to blame for her passing. She committed suicide by eating only raw vegetables for several years.”Brother, eat meat and live long!” Mammadov wrote something down. Jeannette chose a strict raw vegan diet. For the preceding ten years, her organs had been failing one after another. Artist Karine Kala simultaneously requested that everyone wait until an official medical investigation on Zhanna Samsonova’s death, noting that she had stomach cancer.

Zhanna Samsonova’s Social Media Accounts

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Zhanna Samsonova’s Children

Zhanna Samsonova was not married and did not have children.

Zhanna Samsonova’s Net Worth

Although Zhanna Samsonova’s exact net worth is unknown, she is said to have a $1 million net worth.

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