Kimberly A Martin Wikipedia, Wiki, ESPN, Husband, Measurements, Husband, Obituary, Net Worth, College

Kimberly A Martin Wikipedia, Wiki, ESPN, Husband, Measurements, Husband, Obituary, Net Worth, College

Kimberly A Martin Wikipedia, Wiki, ESPN, Husband, Measurements, Husband, Obituary, Net Worth, College -: In the world of sports journalism, one name stands out prominently – Kimberly A. Martin. This article delves into the life and career of the renowned NFL reporter, her personal details, and her journey to success.

Kimberly A Martin Wikipedia, Wiki, ESPN, Husband, Measurements, Husband, Obituary, Net Worth, College
Kimberly A Martin Wikipedia, Wiki, ESPN, Husband, Measurements, Husband, Obituary, Net Worth, College

Kimberly A Martin Bio

Full NameKimberly A. Martin
Date of BirthJanuary 9, 1984
Age39 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York
ParentsFather: Compton Martin (Deceased), Mother: Camille Martin
EducationBachelor’s degree in Psychology and
African-American studies from Wesleyan University
Master’s degree in Newspaper and Online Journalism
from Syracuse University
Net Worth$800,000 (as of July 2023)
HusbandJeffrey Roberts
MarriageJuly 3, 2014
ResidenceWashington, D.C.

Kimberly A Martin Early Life and Education

Kimberly Martin was born on January 9, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. She’s currently 39 years old. While we don’t have much information about her family and siblings, her father’s name is Compton Martin, although he’s sadly no longer with us.

Kimberly’s educational journey is impressive. She graduated from Wesleyan University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African-American studies. Later, she earned a Master’s degree in Newspaper and Online Journalism from Syracuse University. Her dedication to education undoubtedly laid the foundation for her successful career.

Kimberly A Martin

Kimberly A Martin Net Worth

One aspect of Kimberly’s life that often piques curiosity is her net worth. As of July 2023, her net worth stands at an impressive $800,000. Her six-figure wealth is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Working as a journalist, she earns approximately $85,000 per year. Her successful career as an NFL reporter undoubtedly contributes to her high net worth.

Kimberly A Martin Career Journey

Kimberly A. Martin’s career is a shining example of what dedication can achieve. She is a national writer responsible for covering the National Football League (NFL). In March 2020, she joined ESPN as an NFL correspondent, where she covers the NFL year-round and contributes to various ESPN platforms, including NFL broadcasts, SportsCenter,, and more.

Before ESPN, Kimberly worked as a senior NFL reporter for Yahoo Sports from 2018. During her time there, she co-hosted “Cover 3,” an all-female weekly football program. She conducted numerous on-camera interviews with league officials and players, in addition to publishing editorials, features, and profiles.

Kimberly A Martin

Prior to her stint at Yahoo Sports, Kimberly worked for The Washington Post in 2017-2018. She also served as a reporter for The Buffalo News and as a New York Jets beat reporter for Newsday from 2012 to 2017. Her sports journalism career covers various sports, including Major League Baseball and NASCAR.

Before Newsday, she worked for The Record in New Jersey, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience in the field.

Kimberly A Martin Personal Life

Kimberly A. Martin’s personal life also attracts attention. She has been married to her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, since July 3, 2014, in Arverne, New York. Their marriage has stood strong for nearly seven years now. Jeffrey Roberts is a lead writer and editor for N.J. Advance Media, and the couple shares their home in Washington, D.C., along with their beloved pet dog.

Though they’ve been married for several years, Kimberly and Jeffrey have yet to start a family, focusing on their careers and enjoying each other’s company.

Kimberly A Martin Notable Achievements

Kimberly A. Martin’s career has been marked by numerous accolades and achievements. In 2017, she received the prestigious Associated Press Sports Editors Award for Best NFL Writer. She also serves on the Women in Football Committee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, highlighting her dedication to promoting women’s involvement in football.

Kimberly A Martin

Kimberly A Martin On the Airwaves

Kimberly A. Martin is a versatile journalist who has made appearances on various sports programs and shows. You might have seen her on:

  • Sunday NFL Countdown
  • Fantasy Football Now
  • NFL Live
  • Get Up
  • First Take
  • Around The Horn
  • SportsCenter
  • ESPN Radio
  • Outside the Lines
  • Andscape

Her presence on these shows reflects her expertise, insightful analysis, and ability to connect with fans. Kimberly is undoubtedly a rising star in the sports media industry, and her influence in the NFL world is expected to continue growing for years to come.

Kimberly A Martin’s Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here


In summary, Kimberly A. Martin’s journey from her early years in Brooklyn to becoming a prominent NFL reporter for ESPN is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to education, her successful career, and her personal life with her husband Jeffrey Roberts paints a picture of a determined and accomplished individual.

As she continues to shine in the world of sports journalism, Kimberly A. Martin serves as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and a strong advocate for women’s involvement in football. With her insightful analysis and charismatic presence, she’s a name to watch in the ever-evolving world of sports reporting.


Who is Kimberly Martin engaged to?

Kimberly Martin is married to Jeffrey Roberts, not engaged.

Where is Kimberly Martin from?

Kimberly Martin is from Brooklyn, New York.

Who is Kimberly from First Take?

Kimberly Martin from “First Take” refers to Kimberly A. Martin, the NFL reporter for ESPN.

Who is the female on Get Up?

The female on “Get Up” can vary, as the show features different female commentators and analysts. Without specifying a particular individual, it’s challenging to provide a specific answer.

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