Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer -: The Masked Singer, season 10, has brought a new sensation to the stage, and it’s none other than Pickle! With his unique costume and catchy performances, Pickle has captured the attention of fans and judges alike. But who could be hiding behind that dill-inspired disguise? Let’s dive into the clues and predictions to uncover the mystery of Pickle on The Masked Singer.

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer
Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer?

Pickle is a masked celebrity on the tenth US season of The Masked Singer. The identity of Pickle has not yet been revealed, but there are a few clues that have been given on the show.

One clue is that Pickle is tall. Robin Thicke pointed out that “That’s a tall dude!” when Pickle made their grand entrance.

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer?

Another clue is that Pickle is a good singer. They have been praised by the judges for their vocals, and they have won at least one sing-off.

Finally, Pickle has given some clues about their personal life. They have said that they were a “hyper, disruptive kid” who had no interest in anything but sports. They also said that they were told that they were a “bad boy with no future.”

Based on these clues, some fans have speculated that Pickle could be a celebrity athlete. Other possible identities include a musician or actor.

However, the true identity of Pickle remains a mystery. We will have to wait and see who is unmasked behind the pickle costume!

Pickle’s Grand Debut

Pickle made his grand debut on NFL Night as a Wild Card contestant. The show was celebrating its milestone tenth season, and it was a night filled with excitement and surprises. Host Nick Cannon was back, along with the familiar faces of judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. But what truly set the stage on fire was Pickle’s introduction.

Before Pickle, we saw Demi Lovato unmasked as Anonymouse, making it one of the most significant reveals in the show’s history. But the spotlight soon shifted to Pickle, who had some fierce competition in the form of Gazelle, S’More, Cow, and Diver. This was after Rubber Ducky was unveiled as Anthony Anderson in the first competition episode of the season. And that’s not all; there are more intriguing characters yet to perform, like Anteater, Candelabra, Cuddle Monster, Donut, Hawk, Hibiscus, and Husky, to name a few.

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer?

Pickle’s First Performance & Clues

Pickle’s first performance on NFL Night was a showstopper. He sang “Pinball Wizard” by The Who, moving gracefully despite being concealed within a giant pickle costume. The clues in Pickle’s package were set in a school, giving us a glimpse into his past.

Pickle confessed, “To be honest with you, I never imagined myself dressing up as a pickle singing center stage.” As he shook up spray paint, a Joker playing card was shown hanging taped to a locker. Pickle continued, “But, now that I’m here, this wild boy’s planning on winning it. And trust me, I’ve learned to never count myself out.”

Spray-painting graffiti of an angry cartoon pickle on the wall, Pickle shared, “When I was a young gherkin, all my teachers thought I was nothing. Said I was a hyper, disruptive kid who had no interest in anything but sports.” A radio microphone appeared as Pickle danced in the background. He went on, “It was basically decided that I was a bad boy with no future.” But then, Pickle found his true passion, becoming laser-focused, and nothing could stand in his way.

Pickle was spotted in the school gym, dancing under a balloon arch with a sign that read “Masked Singer Sharks” above him. He mentioned reaching massive success and rubbing shoulders with famous people like Tarantino, Scorsese, and Short. Pictures of Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Martin Short flashed on the screen. Pickle concluded with, “Yeah, my mouth still gets me into beef, but that hyper-disruptive kid became a super successful hyper-disruptive adult.”

Unmasking the Clues After Pickle’s electrifying performance, another clue was revealed. A grill opened to display the words, “On Air.” Pickle explained, “When I speak, people listen. Are you listening, Ken? Kenny, are you listening? I get paid a lot to talk, so pay attention, Kenny.” Jenny and Nicole felt that Pickle might know Ken personally, to which he responded with, “Oh, I know each and every one of you. Just a little bit different, okay? And I’m bringing that B.D.E. That Big Dill Energy. What!”

Who Is Pickle on Masked Singer?

Predicting Pickle’s Identity

The Masked Singer panelists didn’t hold back in guessing who might be behind the Pickle mask. Talk show and podcast hosts were among the top contenders. Ken thought it could be Craig Kilborn or Dax Shepard, with both Ken and Jenny leaning toward Dax. Jenny also noted Pickle’s height and guessed Conan O’Brien. Ken, on the other hand, speculated that Pickle’s playfulness with Nick indicated he might be Howard Stern.

Pickle’s Journey Continues

Pickle certainly made a memorable debut on The Masked Singer. With his unique character and intriguing clues, fans are eager to see more of what he has in store. As he moves on to the next round and prepares for 2000s Night, we can expect more exciting performances and even more clues to help unravel the mystery of Pickle’s true identity.


In the world of The Masked Singer, Pickle is a Big Dill, and we can’t wait to see what surprises he has in store for us in the episodes to come. Stay tuned to find out who’s behind the mask and whether the panelists’ guesses are on the mark. The excitement is building, and the Pickle mystery is just beginning to unfold!


Who is the pickle in Masked Singer?

Jenny:¬†Conan O’Brien.

Who is Piggy in Masked Singer?

“Piggy” on The Masked Singer refers to Miss Piggy from The Muppets. She appeared as a special guest contestant on the show.

Who is popcorn masked?

“Popcorn” on The Masked Singer is a reference to a contestant who wore a Popcorn-themed costume. The identity of the contestant may vary depending on the season, so you would need to specify the season to determine who was behind the Popcorn mask.

Who left Masked Singer in 2023?

In a special double elimination, Knitting was the first contestant to be eliminated from The Masked Singer 2023, with their identity being confirmed as Steps singer Claire Richards.

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